Thursday, February 6, 2014


For over twenty years even I at times have questioned the worth or validity of my writing. But, not anymore, since the supreme court all but struck down the defensive marriage act on 26 JUNE 2013. 

Folks, it’s over for the great USA and western civilization. And the really sad part is very few people even realize it. 

It is very simple, there has never been and never will be a civilization that last over 80-100 years without a strong nuclear and extended family system, period. 

What the Supreme Court did was drive the final nail in the coffin of a strong nuclear and extended family system. 

Now! Let me tell you why I know I am right beyond a shadow of a doubt. The nuclear and extended family system has kept civilization intact for over 6,000 years. 

That was until the early 1930's in the USA when a group of liberal geniuses did something that had never been done in the history of mankind; they seized the family provider role for the government itself. 

Wow! Wham! Bam! Armed with the “New deal” programs the government became “The great white father” and sugar daddy. 

What the shallow minded liberals failed to realize and still haven’t to this day is understand that the provider role is the Key to civilization and its survival. 

What is taught and instilled in the young is what maintains and keep society stable and intact. 

Norms and traditions must be instilled for safety and survival because they are based on past trial and experience. This must duty for over 6,000 years was tasked to the provider of each nuclear family unit. 

The nuclear family provider is the only one with the power and authority to make sure this must duty is carried out. 

The family provider should have the physical, financial, and moral capacity to perform this duty thereby safeguarding and maintaining a healthy civilized society. 

Well, we all know what happened; the USA government seized the provider role for itself and got drunk on power. So, you can forget about it yielding even one inch, ever. 

Sure, it provided food and shelter, but failed to enforce any other must provider duty. Failure by the government as the provider to make sure norms and traditions were instilled in the young meant death to the USA four generations into the future. 

And sure enough here we are around four generations later with almost everything ass backward. 

Same sex marriage and mass killing in the womb seem to be the norm today which would have been insane at the time, and now sound judgment is something you find in the history books. 

And, you are going to convince me that this nation can survive, @#%$*%$#, I love you too! 

But, due to my great supernatural wisdom I see one last chance for the USA to survive. And we can still survive with freedom still intact provided we as a nation abolish the minimum wage law; otherwise we go the way of the great Auk.


All seems to be calm and quiet on the home front; they say the housing market is booming. So, what is there to fear? 

It is almost always quiet before the storm. I’ll tell you what's lurking out there, the full destructive force of Obamacare is about to hit. 

I also predict that the dole is likely to explode and then all hell is going to break lose when Obamacare fully hit. 

So, my advice is brace yourself the s… is about to hit the fan. There is already a mad rush by businesses to stay below 50 employees and keep the work week below 30 hours. 

There is already over 48,000.000 million on the food stamps dole alone, plus, we are already $17, trillion in debt and borrowing 40 cents of every dollar the government spends. 

Now, you are going to convince me otherwise that at some point the USA government is not going to prostitute our sovereignty away?#@%!, spare me.

So, in a few more months when Obamacare fully kicks in it may be Katie bar the door. In my view everything Washington enacts now if it’s not to abolish the minimum wage law is going to be an exercise in futility. 

I think the USA is at a do or die stage, and dealing with the root problem first is a must and anything else is a waste of precious time. 

I see the USA destructive root problem as government’s seized role of being a “Social and family provider.” 

The USA government as a social and family provider has ran it course which is a role it should never have gotten into in the first place. 

The “New deal” seized the provider role from the nuclear and extended family system where it had been for over 6,000 years. 

Until the USA government gets the hell out of the social and family provider business the USA cannot and will not survive, period. 

It’s just that simple, either the USA government jettisons its social and family provider role or we go the way of the great auk, there is no way to get around that fact.

The only way to save the USA before a total economic collapse results from Obamacare and an exploding dole is to abolish the minimum wage law now. 

I know in today’s climate very few has the wisdom or depth to see how abolishing the minimum wage would save the USA economy. 

That is why I really don’t see the minimum wage ever being abolishing voluntarily, still, I must never stop pounding for it. 

Even if no one else do I know only abolishing the minimum wage can safely bleed off the pressure and save the USA economy, because there is no doubt in my mind it is fixing to blow or collapse. 

Sure, before the “New deal” there was much suffering especially the elderly. But, the tried and true nuclear and extended family provider system has proven itself for over 6,000 years, it’s not perfect, but it works and doesn’t destroy morality. 

Plus, the nuclear and extended family provider system is never a threat to bring down the whole system and send us all back to the Stone Age. 

Whereas, the “New deal” has given us this tax hungry welfare state socialist beast. 

This beast has all but destroyed the nuclear family, family values, and sunk our morals to the point that we have same sex marriage and mass killing of the unborn in the womb. 

And even worse, very few USA citizens even care or give a damn, to them that's just the new norm. 

Yet, someone like me is seen as a nut case and a throw back that should be ignored or locked away some where. 

With all of this going on the USA cannot and will not survive unless the minimum wage is abolished to bring back some sanity. 

We are just too far gone into this swamp of value rot and moral decay, only a physical barrier like abolishing the minimum wage can save us now. 

Man is control by logic and self-interest which means the way to hell is paved with good intentions.  

“Be still God will fight your battle,” but, in this case, abolish the “Minimum wage law, then be still, and the invisible hand which is nature’s supreme law of “Natural selection” will save the USA economy and western civilization, too. 

SIRMANS LOG: 9 MAY 2013, 1243 HOURS.


Am I dumb, ignorant, or just plain stupid, I’m sure many people think so because I keep harping on abolishing the minimum wage law. 

What if I am a kook or loon, still, that don’t prove me wrong. Sure, when you look at it on an individual or personal basis obviously no one want to make less income. 

On the surface a minimum wage seems like a good thing just like most things that have create this welfare state beast we have. 

In my view even most learned economist doesn’t really understand how a free market place economy is supposed to work. 

The real truth is it is nature’s supreme law of “Natural selection” that really controls everything in nature including the working of an economy. And anyone that doesn’t understand nature can never understand an economy. 

The first understanding is listening to the words, it says natural selection and free market, force is nowhere to be found. 

So, that means the first rule to understanding an economy is force will never get you the most production out of an economy. 

A minimum wage law is the use of force and it slows production and may even bring growth to a halt. Without a minimum wage law many more businesses could start small and grow into giants. 

Many big business men will tell you that if they had to start today they could never have gotten off the ground. 

All a minimum wage really does in terms of progress is give more power to the government to control private property. 

The minimum wage law keeps money inflated for government to have enough to pay one group not to work and tax the other group to death which allows government to stay drunk on power. 

Right now the government have taken over and own far more private property than a hundred years ago and will probably end up owning it all. 

Another reason why people don’t understand economics is first you have to understand human nature to understand economics. 

A good example is “Greed,” almost everyone thinks greed is a bad thing for an economy, wrong; nothing could be further from the truth. 

Nothing can replace greed. There is no greater energy packed motivating force in our entire human makeup than greed. 

Greed is something that must be harnessed, but, never smothered out or severely restricted if you want a successful economy. 

There has never been a rich and prosperous nation without a lot of greedy people to make it happen. Greed can be compared to electricity, very dangerous, but very little progress can be made in terms of wealth without it. 

A free market place with free competition is the perfect way to harness greed without smothering or snuffing it out, like the communist or socialist. There never have been and never will be a rich and prosperous pure communist or socialist state. 

The USA is no longer even close to having a genuine free market place. A genuine free market economic have never in history failed to produce far more than that nation can use in almost everything. 

Yet those in power that love power and control may tolerate the free market but still hate it. The reason power hungry leaders don’t like the free market is kin or no kin if you don’t produce you are gone.  

In closing I will add this little nugget: To create great wealth one must be willing to take great risk. But, no one is going to take great risk without a fair chance for a great reward, period. 

Why work extra hard and produce more when non producers get an equal share that is where the great USA seems to be headed. 

I hope my short economic lecture have been helpful to you in some way. I am a creative self-made writer; most of what you get is my own original thinking. 
SIRMANS LOG: 16 MAY 2013, 2056 HOURS.

EXTRA INPUT: 23 MAY 2013, 0135 HOURS.
Let me say this to around 95 percent of the USA population that strongly disagrees with me and my views on abolishing the minimum wage law, there is a very important question that you have failed to ask. 

That question is: what are you and the country going to do when the USA government doesn’t have the money and can’t borrow it to pay its bills. Huh! 

That’s the problem! Over 95 percent of the USA population have never imagined let alone asked a question of the sort. 

Almost everyone seems to think of the USA government as some kind of omnipotent money sow that we can suck on her tits forever. 

But, nothing could be further from the truth. There never has been and never will be a government that doesn’t go broke at some point. 

Even worse, the USA has a social and family provider government that amounts to a socialist welfare state. 

The USA economy not only can collapse it will collapse as soon as Obamacare fully kicks in in a few months. 

No matter what the learned economist and egg heads may tell you, self-made writer little ole me is telling you the USA economy is on the brink and when Obamacare fully kicks in it will collapse. 

Sure, probably no one is going to believe me, no problem, we all will know in a few months if the USA economy can swallow Obamacare and survive. 

Of course, any suspense could be avoided if the USA just took the bull by the horns and abolished the minimum wage law which would no doubt save the USA economy.


Family discipline is the extremely important ingredient that has been missing in the USA ever since the “New deal” seized the provider role from the nuclear and extended family system. 

The nuclear and extended family system is where the provider role stayed for over 6,000 years until the “New deal” seized it in the name of Mr. Do-gooder. 

However, being a provider is much, much more than just providing food and shelter. The provider is the only one with the power and control to enforce and maintain discipline and instill it in the young. 

For any society to survive over four generations the provider must safeguard norms and traditions and make sure they are instilled in the young. 

So, when the shallow minded liberals armed with the “New deal” seized the provider role for itself it failed to take on provider duties and responsibilities that have been carried out for over 6,000 years. And the liberals are still doing this crime against USA society. 

This shallow senseless liberal destruction has devastated and all but destroyed the African American community in the USA and the cancer is well on it’s way to destroying all of USA society. 

Now, here we are in the year of our Lord two thousand thirteenth year with 95 percent of the USA population left with the survival instinct of a 10 year old. 

We are at death door in terms of human survival with all of our eggs in one basket. We solely depend on a bloated wobbly kneed socialist welfare state beast that could totally collapse any moment and send civilization all the way back to the stone age. 

No society can survive without a strong nuclear and extended family system, a strong moral and spiritual code in place, and adequate emergency backup bartering capacity with many small farmers and home gardeners. 

Those were the survival tools that allowed western civilization to survive the great depression, which today is practically nonexistent. The stone age may be our only destination.

That is because nature’s law of “Boom and Bust” is like the life and death cycle there can be no long term survival unless it is carried out. 

Yet, here I am with an almost super natural strong survival instinct and I’m seen as a nut, kook, loon, or some other reject or hater. 

I plead and I plead for sanity like abolishing the minimum wage law which I know will save my beloved homeland, the only home I know. 

Having this great wisdom and super strong survival instinct is like a curse to me; I can dissect an economy and see straight to the core of most things when so many just don’t get it. 

God, I ask in your name bless the USA home of the brave and the free.

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