Thursday, February 6, 2014


Like a junkie on the streets trying to get a fix there is nothing a welfare state won’t sell off to support its seized social and family provider role. 

As long as the USA government stays in its social and family provider role it will be impossible for the USA to stop reckless spending or survive. 

Right now, the liberals doesn’t have the survival instinct or the wisdom to see a real need to stop spending. 

They are living in the moment and can’t see any real danger in reckless spending, and you couple that with an economically ignorant main stream press and general public, all I know to do is pray. 

Abolishing the minimum wage law will give the social and family provider role back to the people where it belongs and has always been until the “New deal” seized it in 1938. 

God I ask in your name, “Save the USA.” Time is a winding down, I don’t know how much we have left, but, I know beyond a shadow of doubt that a total economic collapse is near unless drastic changes are made.

When I look at the future I think the republicans will soon get the power to have their shot at this health care thing. 

But, I have news for them too, just like the Dem’s they think government can keep and hold on to its social and family provider role, wrong. 

I believe unless the republicans and conservatives set about abolishing the minimum wage law they will be seen as phony liberals and quickly replaced. 

But, of course do like the Dem's never admit in advance what your real intentions are, just git in there and rid the country of this Minimum wage law. It's a free market place killer. See Sirmans survival plan further down.

Most of the big cities water, sewage, and bridges infrastructure were built before a minimum wage law, so, don’t tell me junking the minimum wage law won’t save this great nation. 

And here is the real kicker: The USA economy is still the economic engine of the world and if it collapses it takes the world economy down with it. Sure, the world economy may bail us, but not before owning us.

The apple cart has been upset and the only thing that can save the USA is a true free market place. 

Pure communism and socialism never has and never will work, but, now we have a new monster far worse than both of those systems to contend with, it’s called the welfare state. 

There is no system ever to exist more self-destructive than a welfare state. 

It leaves almost no survival tools in place to survival on when nature's bust cycle comes around or if the economy collapses. It really is no joke when I say it may be all the way back to the Stone age for modern civilization. 

We have no strong nuclear and extended family system to survive on. We have centralized factory farming for our meats and vegetables and hardly any small farmers and home gardeners. 

That means we have no adequate emergency backup bartering capacity if the economy collapses and money is worthless. And on and on, our family morals and values would make dog eat dog look like a Sunday picnic after a week into a collapse. 

Wages and prices must be free floating for a genuine free market place to work and that can’t happen with a minimum wage law or any kind of wage or price control. 

The consumer cost of living is what’s going to kill off the USA economy and Obamacare just speeds up the process. 

Here is the Ultimatum: Either the USA government abolish the minimum wage law which will free the people to save themselves and the country, or it tries to consolidate and hold on to its current social and family provider role. 

If it chooses the latter there is no doubt in my mind that it will to no avail sell off the country to foreigners to try to hang on to a role it shouldn't be in, in the first place. 

You just watch, and the wait won’t be very long. I can dissect an economy as well as anyone and that is what I predict is going to happen. You can't get blood out of a turnip.

I doubt there is any gold left at Fort Knox and there is no telling what else has already been sold off by the federal reserve. 

I'm telling you as a man of great super natural wisdom, unless the minimum wage law is abolished we might as well kiss our freedom and this great country good by forever.

There is a sucker born everyday. It amazes me how gullible people are. They have fallen for this cock & bull big lie that the Obamacare website is somehow a big screw-up, wrong. I for one don’t buy that for one second. A computer or a website must obey what it is programmed to do. 

The problem is: There is no way in the hell liberals and Dem’s are going to let it be known on a large scale the double and triple cost the people will face until after November 2014. 

Get a grip America; you have been sold a false bill of goods. And be prepared for a never ending list of excuses, but, you will never get a proper working website with cost no matter what you are told. I rest my case.

You know! Things like love and caring truly makes life worth living. But, when it comes to nature and even human existence the struggle to survive is almost everything. 

You take away the struggle to survive you take away the value of life itself. And that is what this liberal created welfare state has done to this great country. 

If one has never been disciplined and conditioned to be punished for wrong doing he/she has no conscience to speak of. With no conscience to give one a feeling of doom when contemplating doing wrong, what is there to control one when he/she has power over others. 

Before the welfare state kicked the poor black man out of the house it would have been impossible for a knockout game to exist. Something like this is the result of the destruction of the nuclear family. The minimum wage law must go before it is too late.


I know around 98 percent of the USA population disagrees with my views on almost everything I write. And I understand that, because not everyone has the raw wisdom and super strong survival instinct that I have. 

In fact I shouldn’t even be a writer, I’m not educated, I’m poor at grammar, I’m neurotic, I hate the limelight, I’m insecure, I’m ill at ease around strangers, and on and on. I’m just thankful to God that I still have my sanity. 

I never intended to be a writer, but felt a survival need to become a writer, and am still writing only because there seems to be some force driving me on. 

So, how you like me now? I know I am screwed up for life in terms of being ordinary. But, I am who I am, and I thank God everyday for the way he made me.

I’m no scholar, but here are the basic roles of the three branches of government as I understand them: Only the legislative branch makes the law. 

The judiciary branch interprets and enforces the law accordingly to the constitution. And the executive branch carries out the law. So, where did we go wrong, I don’t know is on second?  Well, who is on first? I don't know? No, he is on second? Who is on first!!!

Now, in many cases the judiciary branch is legislating from the bench and the executive branch gives the law the middle finger. So, how can the common man/woman have any respect for the law when those at the top don’t?

It is a well known fact that the republicans want to get rid of Obamacare and start from scratch. That being the case the unthinkable or seemingly impossible in the November 2014 election could possible happen. 

A veto proof congress to get rid of Obamacare once and for all is no longer something out of “The twilight zone.” That is just how bad this whole colossal socialist Obamacare boondoggle could become.   

Concerning medical insurance, I’m so sick and tired of hearing that somebody ought to be for a plan or something. That is the problem now; too many people want some kind of scheme or something for nothing. 

The worst thing the conservatives could do is put up a plan which would be a target. The liberals and main stream media are desperate to find anything to get the attention off this colossal socialist Obamacare boondoggle. 

They would attack and focus on any opposition plan like a pack of hungry wolves. But, that don’t stop me from presenting a plan. 

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