Sunday, November 30, 2014

We all care about our loved ones. But, the only thing that keeps us from behaving like wild animals in the jungle is the law. The law must be above all else and the top priority for the USA to remain a civilized nation. 

The law must be respected and obeyed, period. We now have the law flaunted and disrespected in high places, and after years of our liberal entitlement welfare state many have succumbed to raw subjective emotionalism. Whatever happened to the words “No one is above the law,” are they still valid? 

You may want to be weak and stupid and live by the rules of the jungle with little or no respect for the law then have at it, just don’t include me. I believe in “First things first,” period. The law is what protects us all, especially the poor and disadvantage. 

Part of what’s wrong with this entitlement welfare state now is we have turned into a P…. society with less and less accountability. And it’s going to be our downfall, you mark my word. Anyone that succumbs to the weakness of subjective emotionalism is a fool and loser, and is either ignorant or not dealing with a full deck in my view.

If one doesn’t love and support unconditional one’s own race he is without a true identity and can’t really be trusted. It’s a fact we African Americans are without a true identity and is searching for love in all of the wrong places. I’ve heard the chant, black and proud and all of that, but in my view it is just words and lack substance. 

We need to believe we as African Americans are as good as any race and need to take pride in behaving and obeying the law as well as any race. If you want to be treated with respect, then act like one deserving respect. I believe we as a race can behave and obey the law as well as any race, and we as a race did too before our liberal entitlement welfare state came about.

Most African Americans have a bond to the democrat party like a child to its mother. And no amount of reasoning or logic can break that bond unless the child becomes a free independent minded thinker. Natures law of “taking the course of least resistance” dictates that almost no one is going to become a free independent accountability thinker unless forced to. 

The herd won’t allow free independent accountability thinking within the herd itself and even when an individual does it anyway he is branded a traitor or nut case. Hell, I love my country the only home I know and I feel if you are wrong you deserve to be called out even if you are a sister, brother, or mother. 

I don’t believe in pampering anyone, you are responsible for your own actions. To err is human, and forgiveness is the foundation of the Christian religion in my view. I’m one that believes that civilization would never have gotten out of the Dark Age without the Christian religion and its power of forgiveness. 

My God, I watch the local news almost everyday and its smash and grab, armed robbery, breaking and interring, muggings, and crime galore. And guess who is doing almost all of this crime? You fill in the blank. Yet, all I hear from white liberals and black liberals is patronizing and misplaced guilt and no accountability what so ever, it’s insane. 

Before the “New deal” a trip behind the shed or woodpile would always keep the would be future criminals on the straight and narrow good citizen course and out of prison. Since that’s not done very much any more the best thing that would do the most good for young future black criminals would be medical supervised flogging. 

Four or five hard lick on the ass would do far more good than 5-10 in the pen and it wouldn’t cost the tax payers. That would put a stop to this paying to produce a more harden and cunning criminal. But, that will never happen, oh, no, we are too civilized for that, yet, the cancer of crime is splitting this great country into racial camps, duh. 

Only one thing can save the great USA now: repeal the cruel evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, then there will be no government forced wage control. That would get rid of any forced wage control entirely. That is the only way this great nation can be saved from itself, period. Repeal it now tomorrow may be too late.


A huge disadvantage with African Americans having a herd mentality is it has allows a very few poverty pimps to exploit and keep alive this still-a-victim big, big, big, lie. And as long as we have our liberal induced welfare state I see very little chance of African Americans ever being forced to take responsibility and stand on their own to gain a do-and-think-for -yourself mentality. 

Sure, I may be hated for my views now, but there will come a day when I will be loved for my great wisdom and foresight, glory be to God.

Just look at our African American situation, in some neighborhoods there is not a husband to be found for miles. And even if you can find a man living in some of the homes all he is there for is companionship and stud service at her whim. Uncle Sam is the real sugar daddy, a poor man can’t compete. Come on y’all give me a break now, instead of all of this rioting we as a race ought to be cleaning up our own house. 

We ought to be instilling in our young discipline and self-respect and respect for other people and their property, too. Shame on us for not knowing how to behave and obey the law like other races does. Other races have eyes; they see who is committing all of these crimes. Reality is reality, don’t insult my intelligence. 

Sure, we as race are guilty of keeping a child’s mentality including a fierce sibling rivalry against those who look like us. That is why African Americans can’t advance as a race; we won’t readily support each other in business or otherwise unless there is no other good choice. And even our elites will try to get as far away from an all black neighborhood as they can afford. 

All other races create different pecking order level surrounding zones in their own race's community, lets face facts, and it takes an independent minded adult to escape childhood sibling rivalry. And the first thing it takes to do that is the ability to forgive all people. Otherwise, un-forgiveness locks one in to that situation, then if one is still hating and un-forgiving seventy years later they will still have that fierce dependent minded sibling rivalry from childhood. 

To escape here is a simple formula to repeat to yourself over and over until you mean it: “I can wish all people goodwill (through God who strengthens me), optional if you are a Christian.” That will free one to become an independent thinker. 

I never intended to get sidetracked off into all of this theory stuff, it seems as if my pen took on a life of its own, sorry. Sure, we as a race have some guilt in my view, but again the real arch villain behind the scene is the heavy hand of our liberal induced welfare state beast pulling the strings.

However, before the new deal African Americans had almost thrown off their dependency minded slave mentality, but the welfare state nipped all of that in the bud. Before the new deal blacks supported each other, and we had poor, middle class, and upper class zones in the same community. Plus, we had far more black owned businesses than today. Every town had a booming chitlin's circuit and great entertainment. 

We were about to become of age. But, the New deal kicked the poor black man out of the house. After that no one instilled discipline, proper norms, and traditions in our young and we lost our way. After all of that our dependency minded slave mentality returned with a vengeance and the democrat party and the welfare state is now our new slave masters.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

What we African Americans need to realize is each of us is an ambassador for our race. Many years ago we blacks knew that, but that seems to be lost now a days. A good or bad stereotype image affects all of us in some way, you can’t escape it. 

Call it what you may but there is no denying the fact that African Americans are committing far more crimes than any race on earth proportional-wise. The main reason for that is lack of parents instilling self-restraint and self-accountability in their young. A lack of self-restraint and self-accountability breeds disrespect for authority and the rights of others. 

That is what’s driving this out of control cancer in the African American community call crime. But, the actual real villain driving everything from behind the curtain is our liberal induced welfare state beast, with the ability to throw a rock and hide its hand. I stand by my prediction that the USA economy will collapse in 2015 unless our cruel evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is repealed. 

I see all of the economically ignorant do-gooders believing that raising the minimum wage will help people, but, in reality it will only speed up our pace to an economy collapsing doom. Getting rid of any wage or price control entirely is our only way out, because that will restore power back to the people then the people will need very little money and live off the land if need to. 

However, there has never been a case of government changing course knowing it is headed to doom, it is not in its DNA. The powers that be is going to feed this tax hungry gobbling welfare state beast to the last crumb. 

They will never stop feeding the beast and I will never stop drum beating to repeal our evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law to save the only home and way of life I know. Glory be to God.

Never in the history of mankind has the poor ever been liberal and moral corrupted until the “New deal” programs created a baby welfare state around 81 years ago. Now we have more poor killing babies in the womb and neutralizing their seed in other ways than any demographic group. No hardship or struggle breeds liberalism and a weak survival instinct. 

Anyone with a strong survival instinct (like me) will instinctly know the unborn must be protected for the long term survival of the species. The fact is the USA simply cannot and will not survive unless the cruel evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is repealed. Any and all types of wage or price controls must be removed entirely. 

That will set the all powerful free market place free to save the USA and western civilization, too. Look at the immigration problem in the USA and around the world, its going to engulf us, there is no human solution. 

However, if the USA free market was set free by repealing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, then a genuine true free market place armed with nature’s supreme law of natural selection would solve the problem and save the USA and western civilization, too. 
PS: I believe they are really fixing to financially knife and gut our beloved military like never before.

Political speaking African Americans are now the redheaded step child of the Democrat party. This child has a dependency slave mentality and is totally loyal to his/her care taker. Yet, this child’s dependency and loyalty is taken for granted. And now a new adoptee is being favored and groomed ahead of this child, sad, sad. 

This child loves and wants to be just like his care taker in every way. This dependent child sees the complexion of his care taker and feels that represents the ideal way one need to be. 

However, when the child looks in the mirror he doesn’t look like his care taker physically but mentally wants to be as much like his care taker as possible. Plus, this dependent child sees others that look like him as competitors, or even the enemy in winning the most favorite one's role by his care taker. That is why African Americans won't readily support each other in businesses or otherwise if there is a choice. And the beat continues on, as long as this child retains his slave dependency mentality he will not escape his predicament, ever. 

The only way out and for this child to acquire free objective independent thinking is to shed his dependent slave mentality. That is a lot easier said than done. It is much easier to follow the herd than to veer off into the unknown and entirely fend for yourself. Also, to take that giant step it is almost impossible when there is a welfare state promising to take care of all in need from cradle to grave. 

To take the course of least resistance is embedded in us all. The only thing that is going to get African Americans to be free thinker and independent minded is for the crutch to be kicked from under us. To hell with the victimized mentality, its time African Americans take responsibility individually and as a race and feel responsible for their own survival. 

Its time we pull up our pants and face down bad behavior, we know right from wrong, enough of this kindergarten blame, blame, blame game. This cancer crime is out of control in our race and we act like its someone else's problem. There was a time when we blacks had self-respect and behaved as well as any race of people. Why should the Dems treat us with respect, they will continually throwing us a bone every now and then and keep treating us like a buck tooth redheaded step child. 

If not for this sinister welfare state African Americans would have long ago shed our dependency slave mentality and still have mostly two parent families. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Mob rule the very thing the founding fathers feared the most has now come to past. Political polling is just a fancy name for mob rule. We now have out of control do-good emotionalism, while economic ignorance abounds. The law is now treated like an ass. 

Folks, we have now arrived. Lord I ask in your name, have mercy on our ignorant souls. And the really sad part is the USA is still the economic engine of the world global economy. And, if the USA economy collapses the world global economy will bite the dust, too. That is all she wrote. 

Folks, nothing I say is written in stone, but, mark my words the USA economy will collapse in the year of our Lord 2015. It’s too late, nothing can stop it, the stars are aligned and the bust cycle must complete its rotation to make room for the next boom cycle. 

Nothing, not even repealing the cruel evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law entirely can stop the collapse. However, repealing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law entirely is the only thing that will allow the USA and western civilization to live through this coming collapsing doom. 

Otherwise, modern industrial civilization regresses back to the Stone Age. Nature's die has been cast. Dismiss my great supernatural wisdom if you may, we'll soon see.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Folks, I just felt like doing some plain honest political talk on the status and future the USA. I guess everyone knows that talk radio is dominated by so called conservatives. And let me say up front that at heart I consider myself a conservative, but above all I am a realist. 

Sure, I must admit that I am somewhat bias in favor of the conservative view, but to me political extremism is dangerous and counterproductive from the right the same as from the left. I think there is a world of difference between the conservatives of today and the conservatives of the founding father’s day. 

I think the conservatives in their day had far more wisdom than exist today. In fact in their day almost everyone was conservative. Back then just day to day living demanded one be a conservative if one wanted to survive. Nature and the elements were harsh and unforgiving which left little opportunity for liberalism to breed. 

An easy life and something for nothing is what is necessary for liberalism to breed. Before our “New deal” liberal created welfare state conservatives were men of great wisdom and depth with super strong survive instincts, not these shallow minded liberal like P . . . . . . that abounds today. 

Many of the founding fathers were born in Europe and had seen first hand what an all powerful government would do. Now, let’s fast forward to today’s conservatives. Most of the conservatives of today are just as shallow minded as the liberals, and with weak survival instincts, too. 

I will keep it simple; there is no way to instill the necessary proper character in human beings without at least a minimum amount of hardship and struggle, period. Human being has evolved over millions of years and survived aided with an instinct to survive. So, as a rule the harder the struggle and hardship the stronger the instinct to survive. The least amount of hardship and struggle the weaker ones survival instinct will be. 

No one acquires the almost supernatural survival instinct I have without some type of great hardship and struggle, mine has been an internal mental battle almost all of my life against self-shame, self-guilt, and things of the sort. However, there is always an exception to everything in life. 

The same goes for hardship and struggle, it will make most human beings a better person or even a saint, but a few will become the bitterest one can become. Our liberal induced welfare state has almost completely destroyed our once strong culture and nuclear family system. No one has to tell me this welfare state is over; by instinct I just know it. 

I also just know that the social and family provider role must be returned to the people if this great nation is to survive. I also know that our welfare state beast and the powers that be will never voluntarily surrender the social and family provider role back to the people. 

That is the reason for my all out assault on the cruel evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, its repeal is the only vehicle that can wrest the social and family provider role from the government back to the people, and save this great nation from total ruins. I didn’t expect the shallow minded liberals to have the depth or wisdom to understand my writing, but I have found that today’s conservatives fare little better.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

You can’t turn back the test of time, the horse has left the barn, the ship has sailed, the train has left the station, you can’t put the tooth paste back in the tube, the fat lady has sung, the s… has hit the fan; the cat is out of the bag, the chickens has flew the coop, a day late and a dollar short, and no sense in crying over spilt milk. Those are some metaphors concerning Obamacare. 

I predict Obamacare is the straw that is going to break the camels back in 2015, meaning the USA economy. It is going to destroy the best medical system to ever exist. The die has been cast and there is no undoing the damage. 

The profit from the USA government survival host (USA businesses) simply can’t support its parasite financial load any longer, the load is simply just too great, the economy will collapse in 2015. But, there is a glimmer of hope to keep from losing it all. 

The cruel evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law must be repealed to prevent a total collapse all the way back to the Stone Age. And I pray to God that I am totally wrong on this.
Ever since the “New deal” politicians to buy votes has added layer upon layer of taxes and fees to the cost of doing business. Its over folks, this welfare state beast is not going to tolerate going on a diet. There could be mass civil unrest in 2015 unless the cruel evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is repealed. 

Repealing that evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law will relieve the awesome heavy financial burden load of government being a social and family provider. With no minimum wage law the people will be able to afford providing for themselves.  

The economy will then be free with no limit to growth, but, on the other hand it may be possible to buy a week worth of grocery for $5.00.  Freedom baby, that’s what I’m talking about, being able to eat and survive baby.

Folks, I’m a writer and I know much of my writing seem far fetched, so, accept it as food for thought. OK, let all of the pundits have their say, but you know what they say about opinions, they are like x we all have one. I give my congratulation to the republicans for their great landslide win. Now, you have become like a co-captain to this vastly overloaded slowly sinking welfare state ship. 

You have a very, very serious dilemma; this ship is sinking and has very important and needed cargo on board. Much of the cargo is needed for maintenance to keep the ship afloat. To just start cutting and slashing and throwing things overboard may be counterproductive, but the overloaded sinking of the ship must be stopped, and now.  

The republicans don’t know what to do, nether does the pundits. Enough on the sinking ship analogy; lets get down to some brass tacks. With my supernatural wisdom I believe nothing can stop the USA economy from collapsing, except repealing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, period. 

I believe the republican are going to start cutting social programs and that would be the worst course to take at this stage. It will make the economy worse and cause even more frustration. In fact it may be a good thing the republicans doesn’t control the presidency at this time. That is because overall the establishment republicans thinking are just as faulty as the liberals and Dems. 

Just like the dems and almost all of the USA population think our welfare state can be saved, wrong, it’s far too late for that. The republicans think they can fine tune our welfare state beast by doing a little cutting here and there and stimulating the economy to get jobs popping, wrong. This monster welfare state beast is going to chew the republicans up and spit them out. 

You just watch, in the next two years I just don’t believe anything is going to improve. Of course, I hope I’m wrong on this. I'm sure the only thing that is going to prevent the USA economy from a total collapse in 2015 is to repeal the 1938 minimum wage law. You see humans are motivated and controlled by self-interest. Man can’t control nature. Nature’s supreme law of natural selection is what actually controls an economy. 

Sure, mans actions can greatly influence the economy, but sooner or later every economy is going to complete a boom and bust cycle whether man likes it or not. Man can’t stop a long over due bust cycle that is the result of our minimum wage law. But, if the USA untie and free the economy of this insane wage law it will allow us to live through the cycle without a total collapse back to the Stone Age. 

The root problem with the USA economy is the liberals has crippled and tied it up by enacting this cruel evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. That weakens the USA economy where it has no power to fight off inflation or discipline itself. Nothing is going to save the USA economy until it is set free. Otherwise nothing can stop our economy from collapse in 2015. 

So, nothing the republicans can do that will truly make much difference unless they free and unbind the USA economy by repealing the 1938 minimum wage law. The establishment republicans like the Dems will try to keep our welfare state beast fed but will fail. And my guess is the liberals and Dems will come roaring back in 2016 with a vengeance and the republicans will be booted out. 

One way or another welfare states as super family providers is over and the sooner the USA and western civilization faces that fact the better off we all will be. The first liberal mistake was making the government take on the financial burdens of becoming a permanent social and family provider, because once dependency takes root it is virtually impossible to uproot it. 

So, if man can’t undo this mistake then free the economy to do the job. Repealing the 1938 socialist minimum wage law will kill two birds with one stone. It will allow the economy to cut off the money supply to our destructive false daddy provider role, and second free the USA economy to kick ass and do what it takes to save our great nation. 

A true untied free market place economy with unhindered competition has never in history failed to produce an over abundance of everything a nation need (Jobs).

Sunday, November 2, 2014

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I know it’s not going to happen, but political polling should be banned at least three months before every major political election. 

The reason is it defeats the purpose of having a republic form of government in the first place. The founding fathers to a man all agreed that a republic form of government was best because pure democracy was nothing more than mob rule. 

It is true today as it was well over 200 years ago that the general public as a rule is uninformed, emotional, and has a herd instinct. But, one thing the founding fathers didn’t know and had no conception of was scientific polling. Instead of the general public voting directly on major decisions governing the country a republic would choose leaders to make those decisions. 

The chosen leaders would be elected on what they individually believed and campaigned on, period. That way important decisions governing the country would be insulated from unsound emotional mob rule. That worked just fine until scientific polling came along. 

Political polling in my view is nothing more than a fancy name for mob rule. And right now out right mob rule is in total control political-wise. This has allowed the shallow minded irresponsible liberals to exploit the negative emotional weaknesses in our human makeup, which has all but destroyed this great nation. 

They have given away the store and promised everyone pie in the sky from cradle to grave. It is the biggest lie that has ever been told. Government must never, and I mean never take on more than a temporary family provider role if any nation is to survive. 

It may take as much as eighty years or more, but the destruction die will have been cast. The financial burdens of the family provide role just becomes too heavy for any government to carry. Plus, no nation can survive very long without a strong nuclear and extended family system, which government as a family provider will totally destroy. 

Nature’s supreme law of natural selection is based on a survival need. Anything in nature without a survival need starts ceasing to exist. Government as family provider takes away the survival need for the private sector nuclear and extended family system until it ceases to exist.

There never has and never will be a society that last over 80-100 years without a strong nuclear and extended family system. It’s just not possible because the most critical thing in having a stable long lasting society is instilling proper norms and traditions in the young. And that can’t be done without a strong male disciplinarian as head of household, case close. Of course there is always an exception to everything in life.

Government playing daddy just don't cut the mustard. The USA economy will collapse in 2015 unless the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is repealed. If you think I’m crazy and don’t know what I’m talking about, your wait won’t be very long, we’ll see before 2015 is over. And if I'm wrong I’ll gladly eat crow.