Thursday, February 6, 2014


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All I hear is abuse, abuse, wife abuse, child abuse, women abuse and on and on to no end. 

Liberal women are almost up in arms; and if it was left up to them they would de-nut all men and make sissies out of all of us. 

To me there is no mystery here, men are just being men, and it is just cause and effect in action in my view. 

Men are aggressive creatures by nature and are only doing what they are allowed to get away with. And it is a pipe dream to expect law enforcement to do more than put a dent in it. 

It takes fighting fire with fire to really stamp out or completely get under control domestic type violence of this sort. 

It takes a lot of loved ones that are willing to make a personal sacrifice to truly stamp out or control domestic violence. There has always been some domestic abuse but never out of control like what we are seeing today. 

What we are seeing today is the result of a lack of the strong nuclear and extended family unit. Today we have too few no-none-sense kick-ass dads or brothers that are prepared to go to hell or prison before they will tolerate this sort of abuse on a love one. 

We are too busy using the “N” word on each other to give a damn. Very few cousins or good friends are prepared to make such a sacrifice. 

I have personally heard a few men say that the only thing keeping me off her ass is her dad would kill me. 

Sure, law enforcement will do their job and enforce the law, but no law enforcement agency can protect private citizens 24-7 day in and day out. 

Even if women are the weaker sex old man colt solved that imbalance many, many years ago by creating an equalizer. But, the thing about that is not all of us have the will or the guts to send a S.O.B. to hell.

It really is a waste of time trying to get a liberal to understand freedom and a free market place. That is why most of the world is poor and will always be poor. 

The point I’m making is liberals don’t really understand freedom. Freedom means every individual has a free choice. Jobs don’t just drop out of heaven, someone just like you and I must create or provide a job. 

This is the land of the free and no one puts a gun to anyone’s head and forces them to work for minimum wages. Everyone in this great country has the right to create his/her own job or quit any job one doesn’t like. 

Most liberals think it is wrong for some people to enjoy the rich life while most stay poor. Right now if the liberals had the power they would take almost everything from the rich and spend it on social programs. 

They are too shallow minded to realize that rich people are not stupid. They really believe rich people would continue producing and providing jobs while almost all of their earnings are being taken away. 

I just can’t understand how anyone with any common sense could be so shallow, but they are, and are running the country, too. 

There never has and never will be a rich and wealthy nation without a lot of rich greedy people to make it happen. If left entirely up to the liberals the USA would in no time be a third world nation. 

Yet, enough wanting something for nothing voters keep the tax and spend liberals in power while the country goes to hell in a hand basket.




It doesn’t bother me a lot when I don’t sell a lot of books. That is because I estimate only around 2 percent of the American population has the depth and wisdom to truly understand what the hell I be talking about. So be it, I carry on. 

They can’t get pass the fact that it is not the amount of money that truly matters; it is the buying power that really counts. Before the New deal which started the welfare state $5.00 would buy more than $50.00 will today. 

Repealing the minimum wage law would put the provider role back into the hands of the people and allow this great country to survive. Otherwise, there is no way in hell the USA is going to survive on its present course. 

Just keep on believing in this phony minimum wage economy and without a doubt within a year I will be proven right. We’ll soon see just how nutty my predictions are.

The repeal of the minimum wage law is our savior, but, 98 percent of the population can’t get pass believing more and bigger is always better. 

But, to me a half of a loaf is better than nothing because nothing is what this nation is going to get if we don’t change course.

Folks, I’m just a lowly unknown writer out here pounding away trying to get through to thick sculls. Very few actually know about me or my books, and most of those that do are not interesting in tough accountability and responsibility. But, I know without a doubt at some point my writing will be vindicated. 

Reality is reality there is just no way of getting around that fact. Sure, sometimes it takes a while for the results to catch up but there are no free rides in life someone always pays. 

The liberals and Dem’s have been very successful; they have created masses upon masses of government dependents. They have convinced these dependents that government will always be there to take care of them and their needs. 

That is not reality that is the biggest lie that has ever been told. There has never been a government that didn’t go broke at some point. The free market place made the USA the most richest and powerful nation to ever exist. 

The government didn’t do that, the free market place did that. Now, I believe most of the people running our government today doesn’t even believe in a free market place. 

I believe most of the people in charge of our government today are socialist or communist at heart. Everyone seems to be so surprised about how the liberals and Dem’s connived and forced Obamacare down our throats. 

There is nothing new here about liberals in my view. How in the hell do you think the liberals and Dem’s held on to the USA house of Representative for 40 consecutive years. 

They did it by lying and conniving, and that is what is really happening with this Obamacare website. They will never let it work right before the November 2014 election. 

They intend to keep the confusion going and never let all of the high costs be widely known before the 2014 election. But, God help us if the Dem’s win anything in November 2014, because if they do they are going to ram the full purple shaft to this free nation, e.g. Obamacare dry like it or not.

I believe these people are hardcore ideologues and will go down with the ship before yielding an inch, and believe me that is exactly what is about to happen. 

Trust me, this USA economy ship is taking on too big of a load and is beginning to sink. This ship is going down unless most of its government load is jettisoned, and fast. 

However, the only way to lighten governments load is to kick it out of its social and family provider role. And the way to do that is repeal the minimum wage law or else, this economy ship is going down. 

I suspect many of the rats have already left the ship in spirit and have property in in places like New Zealand and Australia.

I’m fixing to briefly weigh in on something I have no business touching, besides, some people think of me as a nut case anyway. What if I am off the beaten path that don’t mean my beliefs are wrong. 

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Concerning two great black athletes that is at loggerheads: Long before O. J. got into trouble, guess who was always on his case for being too white? Go figure? 

Some people just naturally goes against the grain, enough said. The problem with the African American race as a whole is culture. 

The welfare state has destroyed the African American family structure and community. But, that don’t mean we have to take it lying down and still not feel responsible for our own behavior and survival. 

I don’t have the power to stop anything, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I will never make excuses for bad behavior. And no matter who does it I’m not accepting any excuses because of what happened in the distance past. 

Grow up African Americans and take responsibility for the behavior of yourself and that of your race. This welfare state has destroyed accountability and responsibility throughout all of America and I’m sick and tired of it. 

Today a decent law abiding black man can’t walk into many stores without being feared because we as a race won’t clean up our own community house. 

Don’t tell me that ain’t from a lack of feeling responsible for our own behavior as individuals and as a race. We still have a dependent slave mentality and think it’s the white mans fault. 

The only cure for that is for someone to kick the crutch from under us and demand we stand on our own two feet. Independent minded people don't look to blame and find excuses to fail. 

I know I may sounds cold, but this USA economy is fixing to collapse and we black folks need to wake up and be prepared, now. 

Every preacher in the pulpit and any member in the black community with an ounce of authority need to feel responsible for this cancer in our community called crime. 

I don’t mean taking any physical action we have law enforcement for that. What I’m talking about is taking a moral stand instead of not feeling racially responsible for bad behavior in our youth. 

If we don’t save our youths no other race will. I didn’t intend to vent like this, I just got carried away but something’s need to be said. The so called African American leadership is out to lunch.


Like a junkie on the streets trying to get a fix there is nothing a welfare state won’t sell off to support its seized social and family provider role. 

As long as the USA government stays in its social and family provider role it will be impossible for the USA to stop reckless spending or survive. 

Right now, the liberals doesn’t have the survival instinct or the wisdom to see a real need to stop spending. 

They are living in the moment and can’t see any real danger in reckless spending, and you couple that with an economically ignorant main stream press and general public, all I know to do is pray. 

Abolishing the minimum wage law will give the social and family provider role back to the people where it belongs and has always been until the “New deal” seized it in 1938. God I ask in your name, “Save the USA.” 

Time is a winding down, I don’t know how much we have left, but, I know beyond a shadow of doubt that a total economic collapse is near unless drastic changes are made.

When I look at the future I think the republicans will soon get the power to have their shot at this health care thing. 

But, I have news for them too, just like the Dem’s they think government can keep and hold on to its social and family provider role, wrong. 

I believe unless the republicans and conservatives set about abolishing the minimum wage law they will be seen as phony liberals and quickly replaced. 

But, of course do like the Dem's never admit in advance what your real intentions are, just git in there and rid the country of this Minimum wage law. It's a free market place killer. See Sirmans survival plan further down.

Most of the big cities water, sewage, and bridges infrastructure were built before a minimum wage law, so, don’t tell me junking the minimum wage law won’t save this great nation. 

And here is the real kicker: The USA economy is still the economic engine of the world and if it collapses it takes the world economy down with it. Sure, the world economy may bail us, but not before owning us.

The apple cart has been upset and the only thing that can save the USA is a true free market place. 

Pure communism and socialism never has and never will work, but, now we have a new monster far worse than both of those systems to contend with, it’s called the welfare state. There is no system ever to exist more self-destructive than a welfare state. 

It leaves almost no survival tools in place to survival on when nature's bust cycle comes around or if the economy collapses. 

It really is no joke when I say it may be all the way back to the Stone age for modern civilization. We have no strong nuclear and extended family system to survive on. 

We have centralized factory farming for our meats and vegetables and hardly any small farmers and home gardeners. 

That means we have no adequate emergency backup bartering capacity if the economy collapses and money is worthless. And on and on, our family morals and values would make dog eat dog look like a Sunday picnic after a week into a collapse. 

Wages and prices must be free floating for a genuine free market place to work and that can’t happen with a minimum wage law or any kind of wage or price control. 

The consumer cost of living is what’s going to kill off the USA economy and Obamacare just speeds up the process. 

Here is the Ultimatum: Either the USA government abolish the minimum wage law which will free the people to save themselves and the country, or it tries to consolidate and hold on to its current social and family provider role. 

If it chooses the latter there is no doubt in my mind that it will to no avail sell off the country to foreigners to try to hang on to a role it shouldn't be in, in the first place. 

You just watch, and the wait won’t be very long. I can dissect an economy as well as anyone and that is what I predict is going to happen. You can't get blood out of a turnip.

I doubt there is any gold left at Fort Knox and there is no telling what else has already been sold off by the federal reserve. 

I'm telling you as a man of great super natural wisdom, unless the minimum wage law is abolished we might as well kiss our freedom and this great country good by forever.

There is a sucker born everyday. It amazes me how gullible people are. They have fallen for this cock & bull big lie that the Obamacare website is somehow a big screw-up, wrong. 

I for one don’t buy that for one second. A computer or a website must obey what it is programmed to do. 

The problem is: There is no way in the hell liberals and Dem’s are going to let it be known on a large scale the double and triple cost the people will face until after November 2014. 

Get a grip America; you have been sold a false bill of goods. And be prepared for a never ending list of excuses, but, you will never get a proper working website with cost no matter what you are told. I rest my case.


Awhile back I wrote an article that I was 99.9 percent sure that man landed on the moon but I still can’t get past that .1 percent. It’s not that I am dumb or stupid; I understand electronics and modern science. 

Right out of high school back in 1962 I took a six month course in radio and TV repair. Back then we studied mainly the super heterodyne receiver and vacuum tubes. The transistor was just coming into play the same as the cathode ray vacuum tube which was the early TV. 

We also learned about waves and frequencies. So, on my part it just doesn’t make any sense for me to doubt that they landed on the moon. When I wrote the first article on this subject a guy asked me in a comment did I have any proof that they didn’t land on the moon, and I said “No.” 

In replying I told him it was just a gut feeling, and that is still what haunts me on how I feel about the whole matter. There is something about this whole thing that logical just doesn’t add up in my way of thinking. I feel something is wrong somewhere. 

Even if they did land, maybe they found something up there (UFO) that they are not telling. I have a fair understanding of human nature, and there have never been a case where man opened up a new frontier and didn’t exploit it in some way. 

Like I said, maybe there is a big hidden mystery that maybe it's better the public never knows about. I don’t have any inside information, just a raw gut feeling. This article may be the smoking gun or the last straw that I really am a nut, kook, or loon, who cares, some already believe that anyway. 

However, I am not entirely alone doubting that man landed on the moon, 10 percent of the USA population is Doubting Thomas’s on this. God bless America. 

PS: I see where they use the terrain in the state of Utah to train for the moon landing. You don’t suppose they use that same terrain to make moon landing movies do you?  (Just kidding y’all).


Anyone that can stomach reading my work knows that I have a super mind agree or not. So, I have decided to draw a picture and explain what happened to the great USA. I think it boils down to two word “Sound judgment.” 

Starting with me, probably three percent or less of the USA population agree or truly understand my way of thinking. The vast majority think my writing is some kind of nineteenth century throwback. And they are mostly right, a hundred years ago about ninety five percent of the USA population would have agreed with my way of thinking. 

Back then same sex marriage and mass killing in the womb would have been beyond everyone’s imagination. Now, ninety five percent or more of the USA population see that as normal. The USA is about evenly split down the middle in terms of voting. 

The masses of government dependents see the republicans as the enemy and believe they would like to take away their livelihood. The other half believes the democrats are going to tax and spend the USA out of existence. But, I believe like one politician said: “There is not a dime worth of difference between the two parties.” 

Sure, there are minor differences in terms of appointing judges but neither party is going to serious stop the growth of government. Overall the Dems and liberals are the reason the USA is in the dire situation it is today. In my view Dems and liberals are just plain shallow, but, super aggressive and will not let morality, country, or anything stand in the way of them grabbing and taking power. 

On the other hand the Republican Party has become almost as liberal as the democrat party. I feel the conservatives ought to just flat out take it over. Even conservatives don’t agree with my out dated thinking, still I think they are the only ones that can save the USA from total doom. 

The thing is they don’t know how. Well, it may already be too late but I am going to tell them how to save the USA. However, I’m sure they won’t agree and won’t take my advice; still I’m going to pass it on anyway. Remember, I said the Key words were “Sound judgment.” The Dems and liberals own the thinking and shaping of young minds in the USA. 

For over 6,000 years up until the “New deal” the nuclear and extended family system was the primary shaper of young minds, but, not anymore. To a great extent in most situations now the primary shaper of young minds is liberal TV and the liberal school systems. Very few homes are instilling traditional conservative’s norms and values. 

Almost everything the young comes in contact with now-a-days is liberal. So, of course the young when they mature will not have a conservative foundation to return to like children of old. “Sound judgment” which is everything to keep and maintain a civil society will soon be nowhere to be found.   

So, my advice to conservatives is follow my advice cold turkey and go for the jugular. No if ands or buts, fight to abolish the minimum wage law now, not tomorrow. With no minimum wage law the government will lose it power to control private property. 

With no minimum wage law government would have to give up its provider role which has all but destroyed our nuclear and extended family system. With no minimum wage law manufacturing would return to the USA and everything would be made in America with jobs for all. 

With no minimum wage law the economy would balance itself and the poor could pay their own food and medical bills. With no minimum wage law people would make far less money but $5.00 would buy A week's worth of grocery. And I could go on and on what has been proven to work for over 6,000 years before the "New deal." 

Plus here are the cold steel facts, if the minimum wage law is not abolished, the USA is not going to survive and that is a guarantee. Before the “New deal” the male nuclear family provider hands on instilled and enforced norms and traditional conservatives values thereby safe guarding our human survival. 

Now, unless the government is kicked out of the provider role the USA has the chance of a snowball in hell of surviving. Abolishing the minimum wage will get the ball rolling on saving my beloved homeland. 

I believe in a few months when Obamacare fully kicks in it is going to explode the dole and cause the USA economy to crash and burn. I also believe abolishing the minimum wage law is the only way to stop the USA economy from crashing and burning. 

Will congress abolish the minimum wage law? NO! Will the USA and western civilization survive? NO! Reason, the boom and bust cycle is a part of nature the same as the life and death cycle. 

Abolishing the minimum wage law would have save us by allowing the bust cycle to complete it normal rotation, but no, the learned economist and egg heads think they can juggle the figures forever, wrong. 

Call me a fool or nut as you wish, but without a doubt I know I am right on this. Sure, no one agrees with me on any of this but they will, the hardship and suffering just hasn’t taken it toll yet. 


For over twenty years even I at times have questioned the worth or validity of my writing. But, not anymore, since the supreme court all but struck down the defensive marriage act on 26 JUNE 2013. 

Folks, it’s over for the great USA and western civilization. And the really sad part is very few people even realize it. It is very simple, there has never been and never will be a civilization that last over 80-100 years without a strong nuclear and extended family system, period. 

What the Supreme Court did was drive the final nail in the coffin of a strong nuclear and extended family system. Now! Let me tell you why I know I am right beyond a shadow of a doubt. The nuclear and extended family system has kept civilization intact for over 6,000 years. 

That was until the early 1930's in the USA when a group of liberal geniuses did something that had never been done in the history of mankind; they seized the family provider role for the government itself. Wow! Wham! Bam! Armed with the “New deal” programs the government became “The great white father” and sugar daddy. 

What the shallow minded liberals failed to realize and still haven’t to this day is understand that the provider role is the Key to civilization and its survival. What is taught and instilled in the young is what maintains and keep society stable and intact. 

Norms and traditions must be instilled for safety and survival because they are based on past trial and experience. This must duty for over 6,000 years was tasked to the provider of each nuclear family unit. The nuclear family provider is the only one with the power and authority to make sure this must duty is carried out. 

The family provider should have the physical, financial, and moral capacity to perform this duty thereby safeguarding and maintaining a healthy civilized society. Well, we all know what happened; the USA government seized the provider role for itself and got drunk on power. So, you can forget about it yielding even one inch, ever. 

Sure, it provided food and shelter, but failed to enforce any other must provider duty. Failure by the government as the provider to make sure norms and traditions were instilled in the young meant death to the USA four generations into the future. And sure enough here we are around four generations later with almost everything ass backward. 

Same sex marriage and mass killing in the womb seem to be the norm today which would have been insane at the time, and now sound judgment is something you find in the history books. And, you are going to convince me that this nation can survive, @#%$*%$#, I love you too! 

But, due to my great supernatural wisdom I see one last chance for the USA to survive. And we can still survive with freedom still intact provided we as a nation abolish the minimum wage law; otherwise we go the way of the great Auk.


All seems to be calm and quiet on the home front; they say the housing market is booming. So, what is there to fear? It is almost always quiet before the storm. I’ll tell you what's lurking out there, the full destructive force of Obamacare is about to hit. 

I also predict that the dole is likely to explode and then all hell is going to break lose when Obamacare fully hit. So, my advice is brace yourself the s… is about to hit the fan. There is already a mad rush by businesses to stay below 50 employees and keep the work week below 30 hours. 

There is already over 48,000.000 million on the food stamps dole alone, plus, we are already $17, trillion in debt and borrowing 40 cents of every dollar the government spends. Now, 
you are going to convince me otherwise that at some point the USA government is not going to prostitute our sovereignty away?#@%!, spare me.

So, in a few more months when Obamacare fully kicks in it may be Katie bar the door. In my view everything Washington enacts now if it’s not to abolish the minimum wage law is going to be an exercise in futility. 

I think the USA is at a do or die stage, and dealing with the root problem first is a must and anything else is a waste of precious time. I see the USA destructive root problem as government’s seized role of being a “Social and family provider.” 

The USA government as a social and family provider has ran it course which is a role it should never have gotten into in the first place. The “New deal” seized the provider role from the nuclear and extended family system where it had been for over 6,000 years. 

Until the USA government gets the hell out of the social and family provider business the USA cannot and will not survive, period. It’s just that simple, either the USA government jettisons its social and family provider role or we go the way of the great auk, there is no way to get around that fact.

The only way to save the USA before a total economic collapse results from Obamacare and an exploding dole is to abolish the minimum wage law now. I know in today’s climate very few has the wisdom or depth to see how abolishing the minimum wage would save the USA economy. 

That is why I really don’t see the minimum wage ever being abolishing voluntarily, still, I must never stop pounding for it. Even if no one else do I know only abolishing the minimum wage can safely bleed off the pressure and save the USA economy, because there is no doubt in my mind it is fixing to blow or collapse. 

Sure, before the “New deal” there was much suffering especially the elderly. But, the tried and true nuclear and extended family provider system has proven itself for over 6,000 years, it’s not perfect, but it works and doesn’t destroy morality. Plus, the nuclear and extended family provider system is never a threat to bring down the whole system and send us all back to the Stone Age. 

Whereas, the “New deal” has given us this tax hungry welfare state socialist beast. This beast has all but destroyed the nuclear family, family values, and sunk our morals to the point that we have same sex marriage and mass killing of the unborn in the womb. And even worse, very few USA citizens even care or give a damn, to them that's just the new norm. 

Yet, someone like me is seen as a nut case and a throw back that should be ignored or locked away some where. With all of this going on the USA cannot and will not survive unless the minimum wage is abolished to bring back some sanity. 

We are just too far gone into this swamp of value rot and moral decay, only a physical barrier like abolishing the minimum wage can save us now. Man is control by logic and self-interest which means the way to hell is paved with good intentions.  

“Be still God will fight your battle,” but, in this case, abolish the “Minimum wage law, then be still, and the invisible hand which is nature’s supreme law of “Natural selection” will save the USA economy and western civilization, too. 

SIRMANS LOG: 9 MAY 2013, 1243 HOURS.


Am I dumb, ignorant, or just plain stupid, I’m sure many people think so because I keep harping on abolishing the minimum wage law. What if I am a kook or loon, still, that don’t prove me wrong. Sure, when you look at it on an individual or personal basis obviously no one want to make less income. 

On the surface a minimum wage seems like a good thing just like most things that have create this welfare state beast we have. In my view even most learned economist doesn’t really understand how a free market place economy is supposed to work. 

The real truth is it is nature’s supreme law of “Natural selection” that really controls everything in nature including the working of an economy. And anyone that doesn’t understand nature can never understand an economy. 

The first understanding is listening to the words, it says natural selection and free market, force is nowhere to be found. So, that means the first rule to understanding an economy is force will never get you the most production out of an economy. 

A minimum wage law is the use of force and it slows production and may even bring growth to a halt. Without a minimum wage law many more businesses could start small and grow into giants. 

Many big business men will tell you that if they had to start today they could never have gotten off the ground. All a minimum wage really does in terms of progress is give more power to the government to control private property. 

The minimum wage law keeps money inflated for government to have enough to pay one group not to work and tax the other group to death which allows government to stay drunk on power. Right now the government have taken over and own far more private property than a hundred years ago and will probably end up owning it all. 

Another reason why people don’t understand economics is first you have to understand human nature to understand economics. A good example is “Greed,” almost everyone thinks greed is a bad thing for an economy, wrong; nothing could be further from the truth. 

Nothing can replace greed. There is no greater energy packed motivating force in our entire human makeup than greed. Greed is something that must be harnessed, but, never smothered out or severely restricted if you want a successful economy. 

There has never been a rich and prosperous nation without a lot of greedy people to make it happen. Greed can be compared to electricity, very dangerous, but very little progress can be made in terms of wealth without it. 

A free market place with free competition is the perfect way to harness greed without smothering or snuffing it out, like the communist or socialist. There never have been and never will be a rich and prosperous pure communist or socialist state. 

The USA is no longer even close to having a genuine free market place. A genuine free market economic have never in history failed to produce far more than that nation can use in almost everything. 

Yet those in power that love power and control may tolerate the free market but still hate it. The reason power hungry leaders don’t like the free market is kin or no kin if you don’t produce you are gone.  

In closing I will add this little nugget: To create great wealth one must be willing to take great risk. But, no one is going to take great risk without a fair chance for a great reward, period. Why work extra hard and produce more when non producers get an equal share that is where the great USA seems to be headed. 

I hope my short economic lecture have been helpful to you in some way. I am a creative self-made writer; most of what you get is my own original thinking. 
SIRMANS LOG: 16 MAY 2013, 2056 HOURS.

EXTRA INPUT: 23 MAY 2013, 0135 HOURS.
Let me say this to around 95 percent of the USA population that strongly disagrees with me and my views on abolishing the minimum wage law, there is a very important question that you have failed to ask. 

That question is: what are you and the country going to do when the USA government doesn’t have the money and can’t borrow it to pay its bills. Huh! That’s the problem! Over 95 percent of the USA population have never imagined let alone asked a question of the sort. 

Almost everyone seems to think of the USA government as some kind of omnipotent money sow that we can suck on her tits forever. But, nothing could be further from the truth. There never has been and never will be a government that doesn’t go broke at some point. 

Even worse, the USA has a social and family provider government that amounts to a socialist welfare state. The USA economy not only can collapse it will collapse as soon as Obamacare fully kicks in in a few months. 

No matter what the learned economist and egg heads may tell you, self-made writer little ole me is telling you the USA economy is on the brink and when Obamacare fully kicks in it will collapse. 

Sure, probably no one is going to believe me, no problem, we all will know in a few months if the USA economy can swallow Obamacare and survive. 

Of course, any suspense could be avoided if the USA just took the bull by the horns and abolished the minimum wage law which would no doubt save the USA economy.


Family discipline is the extremely important ingredient that has been missing in the USA ever since the “New deal” seized the provider role from the nuclear and extended family system. 

The nuclear and extended family system is where the provider role stayed for over 6,000 years until the “New deal” seized it in the name of Mr. Do-gooder. 

However, being a provider is much, much more than just providing food and shelter. The provider is the only one with the power and control to enforce and maintain discipline and instill it in the young. 

For any society to survive over four generations the provider must safeguard norms and traditions and make sure they are instilled in the young. 

So, when the shallow minded liberals armed with the “New deal” seized the provider role for itself it failed to take on provider duties and responsibilities that have been carried out for over 6,000 years. And the liberals are still doing this crime against USA society. 

This shallow senseless liberal destruction has devastated and all but destroyed the African American community in the USA and the cancer is well on it’s way to destroying all of USA society. 

Now, here we are in the year of our Lord two thousand thirteenth year with 95 percent of the USA population left with the survival instinct of a 10 year old. 

We are at death door in terms of human survival with all of our eggs in one basket. We solely depend on a bloated wobbly kneed socialist welfare state beast that could totally collapse any moment and send civilization all the way back to the stone age. 

No society can survive without a strong nuclear and extended family system, a strong moral and spiritual code in place, and adequate emergency backup bartering capacity with many small farmers and home gardeners. 

Those were the survival tools that allowed western civilization to survive the great depression, which today is practically nonexistent. The stone age may be our only destination.

That is because nature’s law of “Boom and Bust” is like the life and death cycle there can be no long term survival unless it is carried out. Yet, here I am with an almost super natural strong survival instinct and I’m seen as a nut, kook, loon, or some other reject or hater. 

I plead and I plead for sanity like abolishing the minimum wage law which I know will save my beloved homeland, the only home I know. 

Having this great wisdom and super strong survival instinct is like a curse to me; I can dissect an economy and see straight to the core of most things when so many just don’t get it. God, I ask in your name bless the USA home of the brave and the free.


Wake up African American political and spiritual leadership, grow up and take responsibility, you are not a field-hand anymore. You are now up on the hill in the big house now. 

You must now take on the responsibility of running the place. You must now create your own jobs and means of making a living. 

You must set a budget and make sure the family gets fed, whereas as a field-hand all you had to do was work and obey orders. 

You are now the master of your own destiny now, if you don’t do it yourself it may not get done, you are not a dependent anymore. 

Fast forward to the year of our Lord 2013, the African American race has a serious problem. 

People are afraid of African American men, especially young black males. Reality is reality and it is what it is. There is an old saying: You can’t make other people change, but, you can change yourself then the world around you will change. 

If you don’t believe that here is an example: Stress: If anyone on your job or anywhere causes you a lot of stress, just repeat this quote to yourself over and over as long as necessary, “I can wish all people goodwill no matter how they treat me,” then the stress will vanish. This is only a tool and not for every situation.

Black males are stereotyped as dangerous and violent prone. A stereotype can be overcome and gotten rid of. You get rid of a stereotype by proving over time that it is no longer true. 

But, that can’t be done until one accepts responsibility and stop blaming circumstance and the system. 

There is no excuse why Africans Americans can’t obey the law and behave as good as any race, period. Any winning coach will tell you, you are going to get some bad calls but you focus even harder on your game plan. 

Sure, as a minority the system may not give a black man a break and in some cases may even be unfair, still, there is no excuse why African Americans can’t obey the law and behave as good as any Race. 

I’m over seventy and from the Deep South and I remember before the welfare state destroyed the black family, no one feared a black man walking into a country store. 

Many years ago in the USA the Japanese were stereotyped as the junk and trinket merchants. But, through hard work and quality control they proved that they could produce as good a product as any nation. Today no one doubts the quality of Japanese products. 

African American political and spiritual leaders need to believe and prove that the African American race can behave and obey the law as good as any race, period. 

Like me or hate me, still, how can any self-respecting responsible African American disagree with me on this, (SMH) shake my head. 

The black community itself suffers more than anyone from all of this violence. Do-for-myself responsible hands need to grab the MLK, Jr. baton and take it into the home stretch to full equality and justice. 

And, tell the liberals we don’t need your pity or patronizing services any longer


Almost everyone thinks that I’m really the nut and stupid one for constantly wanting to eliminate the minimum wage law entirely. 

Well, I know and anyone with a deep understanding of economics knows that the USA and world economy may soon collapse. 

When this happens the minimum wage law will disappear and there may be chaos, mass suffering, and starvation if we survive at all. 

So, all I’m saying is why go through all of that un-necessarily when voluntarily abolishing the minimum wage law will prevent it. One way or another the minimum wage will go the way of the great Auk, (SMDH) shake my damn head.

Obamacare is simply the straw that is going to break the camels back.



Just like the big enemy armored divisions of World War II ran on ball bearings our liberal created welfare state runs on the minimum wage law. In sheer economic terms the minimum wage law is “Our false God of doom.” 

It is impossible to save the USA or western civilization unless the minimum wage law death grip is broken. The laws of economics demands that the minimum wage law must go or the USA bites the dust.



This doesn’t belong here and I shouldn’t be saying it anyway, it concerns childhood sexual abuse. My view is very simple; if you do the crime you do the time or pay with your life, period. 

The good book says flee from temptation, which a wise man will heed to. Contrary to what most people may think there are abnormal forces out there that are almost impossible to resist unless one flees. 

Example: A young child sexually abused may become obsessed with sex and become armed with the power of sexual projection. The child grows up but the abnormal power of projection remains. 

Now, if someone with this abnormal power focuses it on you for whatever reason, your best bet is to get the hell out of Dodge and fast. 

Enough said, something like this is never talked about anyway. Ignorance is bliss and just thank God nothing like this has ever happened to you. 

Believe it or not there are forces out there that only a strong moral and spiritual person can withstand, it’s rare, but, it does exist. 

“The human mind is a very powerful thing”.


Right or wrong the republicans are stupid if they force any issue that will end in a government shut down. It will be a lose, lose situation for republicans any way you look at it. 

The liberals including the vast majority of the mass media in my view will have a blaming field day. Besides, after the first huge public outcry the vast majority of the republicans will head for the tall grass or high tail it out of Dodge anyway. 

And even if the republicans could win some kind of hollow victory, very little would change, we still remain a welfare state. 

This welfare state is on automatic pilot and nothing or nobody is going to stop it unless its fuel is cut off. Sure, a collapse will stop it but no sane reasonable person wants that, cutting spending won’t stop it that will only get the republicans out of office. 

Believe it or not, the fuel that propels this whole welfare state is the minimum wage. It is impossible for the USA to survive as a welfare state. But, it is also impossible for the USA to get out of being a welfare state when government sets any wage or price control. 

You can’t have a true free market economy when government sets any amount of wage or price control. The minimum wage law allows government to inflate the currency so it can keep its power as a super social and family provider. 

But, government should never be a social and family provider in the first place because that destroys the nuclear and extended family system. Without a strong nuclear family system it is impossible to remain a free people after four generations.

If the republicans really want to go to the mat for something do something sane like abolishing the minimum wage law entirely. That is the only thing that can save our great nation. yeah! I know! I stand alone on knowing this fact. 


A Freddie L. Sirmans quote:

Abolishing the minimum wage law will drain the swamp. The swamp is where the welfare state beast lives. The swamp is where all of the anti-survival morality snatchers are coming from.  The anti-survival morality snatchers are slowly taking over all of our souls. 


Holiday Street in Valdosta, GA. is located within a few yards of where the home was located of the famous western gun fighter "Doc Holiday." It was where he lived as a teenager before going to dental school and heading out west.


No one can achieve the great supernatural wisdom that I have without paying an awesome price to survive, and in my case it has been a knockout drag out mentally battle to survive practically all of my life. Still, I have no monopoly on pain or struggle.


If abolishing the minimum wage law is not going to be taken seriously by the USA I’m beginning to suspect the Mayan calendar may not be very far off the mark after all.


Economic ignorance galore abounds, that’s what it is: This caller made a profound statement on TV this morning, his view was that the tax payers were the source of all government funding. 

Wow! This guy was on to something and he knew more than most, but, he was wrong. Okay, let’s do a walk through. 

Government funding does come from the tax payers, but, where do the tax payers get their money? All tax payers get their money from their employers or some type of business transaction, period. It goes further; still we haven’t arrived at the source of all government funding. 

The real source is what gives in my view the shallow minded liberals a problem and is the reason liberals with total power is so dangerous to freedom and democracy. The true answer is: All government funding comes from some type of private business profit. 

It is all about profit, profit, and more profit and that can come only from private enterprise. The government can only tax profit or the result of some type of profit, otherwise it cannot survive, period.

In general the shallow minded liberals hate the word profit and too a lesser degree hate business people. The welfare state is the reason the man or woman on the street has no concept of the true role of profit except personally having cash in hand. 

You can’t get blood out of a turnip and government can’t tax where no profit is made. Look at Detroit and California all bastions of liberalism. 

Unless the minimum wage law is abolished to break the liberal death choke hold on the throat of America that will be the picture of the whole country. God save America! 

Liberals are who they are and they love America as much as I do even if I do think they are shallow. It is not entirely the liberals fault, it is the system that got us in our dire situation and only the system can save us, that is why the minimum wage law must be abolished entirely. 

Everyone wants to make more money and no one want to make less when we can’t make ends meet as it is. But, my great supernatural wisdom know abolishing the minimum wage law is the only way out for the USA to survive, period.

If not for the minimum wage law the cost of living for the poor and everyone would drop so they could pay their own food and doctor bills especially with nuclear family help. But, then the government would lose its God like power as a super provider. 

The minimum wage law is blocking everything we buy from dropping down where the poor can pay out of pocket like a free market has always worked before the "New deal." It is the buying power of money that truly matters, not some inflated worthless high number.  



Let me try to shine some light on this. In the USA we have an adversarial criminal justice system which is not perfect but overall still the fairest known to man. 

The prosecutor tries everything it can to win the case and on the other hand the Defense tries everything it can to prevent losing the case. Well. Most of the time somewhere in the middle justice will be realized but not always. 

The system is not about emotions, right or wrong, or feelings because then justice would always be one-sided and never balanced. However, Joe six-pack and most laymen’s believe that if you commit the first wrong and a tragedy result the blame is on you, period. 

Sure, Christianity allows mercy and forgiveness, but, when you set a tragedy in motion you can't expect a pat on the back and hero worshiping unless racial bias is involved.

 The biggest loser in this whole thing could end up being the Democratic Party. That is because if the blacks stay pissed-off enough they may stay home during the mid term election next year. 

This is a dire survival situation in the eyes of most blacks; yet, I for one believe there is some un-necessary stoking of this highly emotional matter. Cooler and calmer heads is what's needed, instead of a lot of flamboyant rhetoric that fans the flames.

SIRMANS LOG: Updated 17 JULY 2013, 1103 HOURS.  


I have commented on this tragedy, so I might as well go whole hog and say what I really feel about the overall African American situation. But, this is an emotional charged issue and I know that truth and reasoning’s won’t win me a popularity contest. 

Sure, there is racialism in America, always has been and always will be. However, racialism may be an obstacle but that is not what is holding African Americans back or down, especially in this day and time. 

Before the welfare state came along African Americans faced slavery and a far harsher climate than today, Yet, still owned far more. 

I’m going to cut right through the chase and strike right at the heart of the African American community problem. I think as a rule African Americans still has a slavery dependency mentality and don’t feel entirely responsible for their own survival as a race. 

African Americans are stereotyped as violent prone, criminal prone, likely to lower property values, and bring social baggage in most cases. Whoa, anybody thinking that must be a racialist, maybe or maybe not. 

What is never said or admitted is every stereotype has a truth foundation. And you can’t dismiss a stereotype by ignoring it and making excuses for bad behavior. 

When bad behavior is excused and ignored it will reflect on the entire race. And it is not facing reality to think otherwise. 

Yet, ignoring that fact is typical liberal behavior. By the African American leadership not taking responsibility for our own behavior as a race causes us all to suffer the consequences of being stereotyped in a bad way. 

Jealousy, envy, sibling rivalry, and a host of negative emotions come along with having a dependent mentality. 

Whereas one with an independent mentality tends to soars above the negative stuff, and will accept total responsibility for himself, his race, and his country. As to jobs, the white man is expected to supply all of the jobs. 

There are plenty of African Americans with plenty of money, why shouldn’t blacks as race be expected to supply more of their own jobs to their community. 

I could go on and on but I think I made my point; we need to get a grip and feel totally responsible. I don’t have the answer but I do know before the welfare state no one feared black men. Before you can solve a problem you first must admit you have a problem. 

I say the African American community has a problem facing up to the truth. And I think it boils down to taking total responsibility for one's own survival. 

The surest way to cure dependency is to have the props and crutches taken away, but that can’t happen as long as we have a welfare state. 

Denying truth is the same as denying reality. And that is exactly what African Americans leadership and spiritual leaders have been doing for years concerning black crime. 

I have no power to stop bad behavior or crime, but, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will never condone it or make excuses for it no matter who does it. 

Folks, I have no power to change anything, I’m just thankful I can still write and say what I believe. God Bless America.

SIRMANS LOG: 19 JULY 2013, 2234 HOURS