Thursday, February 6, 2014

Freddie L Sirmans emergency survival plan:

Freddie L Sirmans emergency survival plan: 
To solve this whole Obamacare mess just abolish the “Minimum wage law” entirely. Then let government set up and run it's own commissaries, housing, and clinics for the very poor and needy. Then keep all government social spending separated from the national economy by using tokens or script for anyone who qualifies for service. 

By keeping government social spending separated from the national economy that prevents social spending from inflating and contaminating the free market place like we have now. 
The cost of living has far out distanced every ones pay check except the very rich because of the infusion of government unearned money into the national economy. 

It is the individual basis that is the killer, government spending itself doesn’t inflate the cost of living but individually it do, that is why tokens or script is a must. Keeping government social spending separate with the use of tokens or script would stop that nonsense. Also, a no minimum wage economy would bring back full employment for anyone able to work. 

It would Allow people to people hiring. And bring prices down and keep them down so working people could pay out of pocket for their own food and medical bills. By keeping government social spending separated with the use of tokens or script there would be no way for inflation to get in and contaminate the national free market economy. 

Abolishing the minimum wage law would kill two birds with one stone by saving the USA economy and the American medical care system both. My great wisdom is bordering on the supernatural and I can’t see any other way out of this mess, I rest my case. It is just simply impossible for a social and family provider government to last very long over four or five generations. Take my advice, this phony so called modern economy is done, and I don't care what the learned economist and egg heads tell you otherwise.  

What the whole country should be wanting is a none phony economy with a free market place that will allow the vast majority to pay out of pocket their own food and medical bills. No “Minimum wage law” is the answer baby!!!

Folks, I am a writer and sometimes my imagination gets carried away, still, if nothing else my writing can be food for thought. So, let me say, I am not out to scare anyone, but I am a writer of great wisdom and believe the die has been cast due to Obamacare. And the collapsing of the USA economy is already in progress and irreversible. 

The water is over the Dam, the tooth paste is out of the tube, the horse has left the barn, the ship has sailed, You can’t put the genie back in the bottle, the train has left the station, the fat lady has sung, or some other metaphor that will describe what has taken place. In other words what Obamacare has set in motion can’t be undone and the collapse of the USA economy is inevitable in my view. 

The boom and bust cycle is a law of nature the same as the life and death cycle. I believe the bust cycle has begun and the call of nature will not be denied. Our task now is to find a way to survive through it. My reasoning on this is the fact that Obamacare is in the process of destroying the insurance industry in America. 

For a long time now the insurance industry has disguised the true hidden problem in the USA medical care system. The real culprit and problem with the USA medical care system is the extremely high cost. Very soon with no insurance industry to speak of, the only thing left will be just the naked high cost, which everyone will have to pay out of pocket. 

Only the rich will be able to pay out of pocket so that mean local, state, and the federal government will have to pick up the tab. When local, state, and the federal government is forced to pick up the tab it is definitely going to collapse the USA economy. Sure, there will be attempts to turn back the clock or undo the Obamacare damage. 

But, I seriously doubt that anything is going to stop the USA economy from totally collapsing. Anyway! Nobody seems to listen to me or give a damn what I think. I know without a doubt that abolishing the “Minimum wage law” is the only thing that is going to get the USA through this as a free nation still intact. 

God save the USA this last bastion of true individual freedom left in the world today. The shallow minded main stream news media for the most part are victims themselves of culture rot and moral decay in my view. I’m one that believes that great character results from discipline, some hardship, and some hard struggle, only.

The last line of defense defending individual freedom in the USA now is the mighty fortress of the 2nd amendment. Thank God we still have the 2nd amendment. Hallelujah.


Sure, in a superficial way liberals do care about the poor and disadvantage, but the poor for the most part are being used to hold on to power. A liberal will sell his soul down the river in a New York minute to grab and hold on to power. 

To liberals power is not just everything, it is the only thing. Liberals do care about the ultra high cost and misery that comes with Obamacare but they care far more about the power and control that come with getting it installed. 

They also know that if the website work right and all of the high cost and facts become well known there may be a republican landslide in November 2014. So, I assure you there will never be a proper working Obamacare website before November 2014, period. 

It stands to reason that if the republicans get the power they are going to gut and de-fund this colossal socialist boondoggle, even if they can’t outright get rid of it. Hallelujah.

Come on folks, wake up, far too many people can’t see the forest for the trees. I repeat, this Obamacare website debacle in my view is no dumb screw-up. A computer does exactly what it is programmed to do. 

The fact is Obamacare I believe cost more and does less, the deductibles, co-payments, and overall cost has probably doubled. When have liberals ever showed their true hidden intent in advance, especially if it’s going to cost you? 

The raw true facts and cost of Obamacare insurance on a wide scale is never going to be shown before the 2014 election no matter what the liberals tell you. And I repeat without a doubt in my mind that the USA economy cannot swallow Obamacare and survive, period. 

The USA economy is already teetering on the edge of a total collapse in my view and adding Obamacare would just deliver the Coup de grace. Concerning a working website: Just look at any national real estate website, all one need to do is put in price range, state, and zip code. 

You can then see what is available for purchase, done. I don’t think the problem is with the Obamacare website itself, I think the problem is it is not design to show the truth before the November 2014 election. 

Of course I could be completely wrong on this, but my gut feeling tell me I’m right, we’ll see.

To all of the masses that don’t understand the destruction the “Minimum wage law” has done to the USA, I’m still trying to get through your thick scull. Practical all of the foundation and infrastructure of the USA were built before the minimum wage law of the “Fair labor standards act of 1938.” 

Most of the bridges and water and sewage systems in major cities throughout the USA were built before a minimum wage law. Now, throughout the USA practically everything is beginning to fall apart. And I’m here to tell you there is no way in hell these infrastructures are going to be replaces with a minimum wage law in place. 

There is no mystery about it the fact is no free market economy can support this liberal installed provider welfare state, it can barely support a proper military. All throughout history without a minimum wage law the people were able to provide for themselves and support a government, too. But, the minimum wage law prevents that; it won’t let the cost of living (prices) drop down enough for the majority poor to pay out of pocket for their own food and medical bills. 

The government drives prices higher and higher by giving out free money on an individual basis thereby driving prices out of reach for everyone. Sure, the poor needs help, but the way to do that is for the government to run it own commissaries, housing, and clinics for the poor and use tokens or script for those who qualify, not contaminate the whole national economy for everyone, sheer madness. 

The minimum wage law red tape also prevents bartering and people to people hiring. The shallow simple minded see the minimum wage only in terms of how much one make in wages, but that is just a facade. Forcing a minimum wage law on a free market economy is like pouring sugar in a gas tank, it gums up the works. 

That is what is happening to the USA economy. The inner works are gummed up and we will continue going deeper and deeper into debt until the country’s goods will be sold off like a hooker’s on the streets. Sure, I’m giving a harsh bleak future outlook that will not be believed by the simple minded, but if the minimum wage law is not abolished that is exactly what is going to happen to the USA.  

God save the USA.

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