Thursday, February 6, 2014


Folks, here is my final assessment of the future of the USA before our economy collapse into total doom due to Obamacare. 

Fact one the liberals and democrats are hell bent on going socialist, communist, or authoritarian of some sort. 

I believe these two groups are in denial, fantasy land, and totally ignorant of cause and effect. And if not for pain and hunger would deny reality itself. 

All they know is to tax and spend until kingdom come, this great nation is doomed for sure if they can’t be defeated at the polls. 

Now, on the other hand, fact two the conservatives and republicans offer the only possible hope of saving the USA from total doom. 

At least these two groups understand cause and effect and are not in total denial. But, remember I said hope, because that is about all these two groups has to offer. 

The cold raw fact is the conservatives and republicans don’t know how to save the USA. They make the biggest mistake of all by thinking they can save the USA by cutting spending. Sure, it is true over spending is the problem and is what got the USA in this dire fix. 

But, what all of this insane over spending has done is create a welfare state with masses upon masses of big government dependents. 

And these masses of dependents is the source of the Lib’s and Dem’s power, and opposition spending cuts just cements them in deeper. 

Plus, all cutting spending does is create a smaller welfare state pie that still must be divided as before, which will not save the country. 

Political speaking overall spending cuts will keep the Democrats in power and republicans out of power and the country will be the loser. 

The solution for saving the USA and individual freedom is to dismantle the welfare state that the liberals and democrats have built, but even that can’t be done political without cementing them deeper into power. 

The problem is when the republicans do get their chance will they do what must be done; abolish the “Minimum wage law.” 

I have preached and preached to no end the only solution, still no one want to hear it. 

All is necessary to save our freedom and this great nation is to abolish the “Minimum wage law,” period. 

Then the free market place and the process of natural selection will take it from there and save this great nation, there is no other way. 

It won’t be easy but it is the only fighting chance we have left to save the USA and individual freedom. 

Going this route will untie the free market place and then there will be jobs for all. It will also drop the cost of living where everyone will be able to pay out of pocket for their own food and doctor bills with the aid of the nuclear family. 

Even neighbors will be able to hire neighbors and entrepreneurs will be untied to fill all of the nations needs like in days of old. 

However, government will still need to provide for the very poor and needy by setting up government run commissaries, housing, and clinics. 

And there must be a use of token or script for all who qualify to prevent diluting and contamination the national free market economy. 

I am under no illusion I’m only telling you what it will take for the USA to survive, I know the powerful money people would rather go down with the ship they will never accept something of this sort. 

So folks, that is it in a nut shell this is the only way the USA has a fighting chance to survive, I bid us farewell. 

One thing these wanna-be socialist and communist in the USA has yet to learn is you can’t get what you really want except by Violent ruthless brute force and that ain't gonna happen in the USA, yet. 

In my view that is what this Obamacare so-called debacle actually boils down to

The Supreme Court caved and allowed the liberals to get away with this usurp of freedom. But, authoritarian strong-arm tactics is not the American way. 

The USA is the freest country to ever exist and is beginning to figure out who are the real villains, here. 

Forcing healthy young men and women to buy health insurance that they neither want nor need doesn’t have anything to do with paying taxes. 

That is false reasoning, UN-American, and out right forced financial slavery, period. And the next step will be a writer like me disappearing in the middle of the night.

It is not about what flamboyant people with the gift of gab tells you, sure, pie in the sky promises sound good, but when the world all around you is crumbing how long will it take you to see the light. 

Of course some never will. Get a grip America. This whole Obamacare thing could split the Democrat party straight down the middle because there are some die-Hard's who will never yield one inch. 

It’s not panic time yet for the Dems, but this thing could blow wide open the flood gates.


Well, I’m one that doesn’t buy this debacle for one second; I don’t think it is an accident. And I will go even further and say they won’t have a proper working model website until after the 2014 election. 

The liberals don’t want the cold raw facts and cost to be known until they have hooked enough suckers that thinks it’s free. I could go on and on but I think you get my drift. 


OK folks, concerning the shutdown, I’m going to give you the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The liberals are spouting the “Big lie” like it’s an established fact that the republicans caused the shutdown of the government. 

Hogwash, no one side shut down the government, two uncompromising schools of thought shut down the government. 

In fact I agree with the intentions of the hard core conservative republicans, but, I totally disagree with their action in this case. 

I knew they didn’t have a snowball chance in hell of succeeding. Let’s examine the liberal mentality in America: In my view the liberal mentality has all but destroyed this great nation of individual freedom. 

We are all good Americans, and I love liberals and all people. But, there is nothing innate about being a liberal. 

Many a liberals have changed from being a liberal over night after being slammed upside the head and robbed of all of their possessions. 

That drastic experience caused them to see the light. I think liberalism results from a lack of survival awareness, which makes them shallow. 

This is just my one man opinion and nothing else; I just think someone shallow with a weak survival instinct having power can be a dangerous thing. You see, liberals see people losing jobs, can’t pay their bills, and suffering all around. 

The first thing a liberal will think or do is look for something or somebody to blame. Never in a million years will a liberal realize it is he and his liberal policies that have shaped America ever since the “New deal.” Benjamin Franklin said, “We have a republic if we can keep it.” 

Liberalism tends not to come from struggling or discipline households. But, now with our welfare state almost all you see coming from poor households is corrupted character and liberalism, who can trust the poor to work in their home now-a-days.  

However, this would be a cold and cruel world without liberals trying to make it safe for Bamba and for all, I love them. 

Sure, I am trying to dissect the liberal psyche but only to try to understand them. I am in awe of liberals, as a group they are smarter, more intelligent, and above average. 

And they are super aggressive, why do you think they have taken over and control the whole education system and almost every institution in America. Hardcore liberals make up only about 20 percent of the entire population, so how can this be. 

Liberalism is why it is almost impossible for a nation to remain free because as a rule hardcore liberals tend not to adhere to any internal restraints like high morals. You can’t think of nothing liberals won’t do to gain and keep power. 

You couple that with a useless negative anti-survivalist mainstream news media, and that is why liberals can get away with practically anything.

There must be physical barriers to bridle them, like a no minimum wage law. When they get enough power to remove a physical barrier it is only a matter of time before they make it impossible for freedom to exist. 

The further any nation get away from a free market place the poorer it will get. The liberals are in almost total control of the USA now and only getting rid of the minimum wage will restore a physical barrier. 

Otherwise, like a junkie on the street trying to get a fix, their fix is to tax and spend to kingdom come.

I am going to compare liberalism to the phenomenon of greed. On the surface most people think greed is a bad thing, but it is not. A successful capitalist system cannot work unless there is an abundance of greed. 

Like electricity greed is very dangerous but there is no greater energy packed motivating force in our entire human make up than greed. 

The trick is to be able to harness greed, but never severely restrict it, that is why pure communism and socialism will always fail. 

A free market place with unrestricted competition will harness greed without restricting it's ability to produce almost unlimited amounts of abundance. Harnessed greed is what made the USA the greatest and richest nation to ever exist. 

I said I would compare liberals to the phenomenon of greed. So, I will make the comparison, like electricity and greed, unbridled liberalism is dangerous that is why the USA has spent itself almost out of existence. 

Again, with liberals we have the most aggressive, smartest, and intelligent people on earth. But, here is what happened starting with the “New deal.” 

The liberals were able to get enough power to sling off the bridle that had controlled them since the founding of the country. How they slung off the bridle was by eliminating a free floating wage scale in America. 

It doesn't matter how low, if it's not free floating it is death to a free market economy. You see, a free floating wage and price scale is the foundation of a free market place system. 

By enacting  the new deal “Minimum wage law” it prevents wages and prices from free floating and staying in balance with each other. That have allowed liberals to tax and spend to kingdom come. 

A free floating wage scale won't let the cost of living (prices) go above what the majority poor can afford. Then like throughout history the poor under a nuclear family umbrella can pay their own food and doctor bills.

That is why as long as liberals are unbridled because of the "Minimum wage law" you can forget about ever saving the USA. There is no stopping the liberals from self destructing this nation out of existence. 

If the “Minimum wage law” is not abolished to bridle the liberals back under control we all might as well kiss individual freedom and the good Ole USA goodbye forever. 


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