Wednesday, January 14, 2015


All of these federal bureaucrats making so-called federal law is non-sense, none of it is real law according to the constitution of the United States of America. 

All we need is a supreme court to come along with the guts and back-bone to announce that from this day forward all federal laws not passed by congress and signed by the president is null and void, period, (Of course pocket veto’s and the sort are exceptions). 

Case closed. Of course nothing of the sort is ever going to happen, still, the fact is nothing is supposed to be federal law unless passed by congress and signed by the president, period. 

The truth shall set you free, and if nothing more, I feel better just saying it. Smile.

As a common layman and self-made writer maybe I can explain this separation of powers thing a little clearer. When the founding fathers were setting up our form of government the executive branch of government almost didn’t happen. 

The first idea was to just have a manager or something of the sort to run the daily operation of government. But, in the end they decided to make it three equal branches of government. 

The legislative branch of government would make all laws. The judicial branch of government would interpret and enforce the law according to the USA constitution. And the executive branch of government would carry out the law as written. 

However, there seems to be a lot of confusion and misunderstanding concerning presidential executive orders and memos. It really is very simple; the president issuing an executive order is the same as any CEO of a corporation issuing an order or directive to his supervisors and employees. 

The president is the commanding chief of the military and head of the executive branch of our government. 

Eighty or so years ago the president issuing an executive order would mostly affect government agencies and government employees, and had hardly any affect on the vast private sector at all. 

That was before the “New deal” when almost no one depended on the government for anything. 

Well, the hair brained “New Deal” installed act changed all of that. Sure, government must come to the aid of its people but on a temporary basis only. 

For government to ever create a permanent class of lifetime dependents is insane. Let’s fast forward to today, we live in a welfare state with masses of government social programs and millions upon millions of people solely dependent upon government for survival. 

This being the case means any action the government takes is going to affect the private sector almost as much as government agencies and employees. 

Still, according to the constitution the separation of government powers is very clear, only the legislative branch of government is entitle to make laws, period. 

The executive branch is not entitled to add or take from the law its duty is to carry out the law as written. Don’t confuse executive orders with the law.

PS: Another problem concerning the separation of powers is far too many judges are legislating from the bench, too, which is especially true with liberal judges. 

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