Thursday, January 29, 2015


I decided to throw my two cents worth in on this measles vaccine discussion going around: Vitamin B-6 cured my carpal tunnel problems, but the testing science says that is a myth and taking vitamin B-6 had nothing to do with it. 

So, when I hear all of these people claiming they noticed the difference right after the vaccine I’m not one to totally dismiss their claims no matter what the supposedly science says. Sure, I believe all vaccines are safe and should be taken. 

However, I do have a problem with taking more than one vaccine at a time to save time and labor cost. I think if there is a problem that would be where it lies. I think no vaccine should be give within three months from the last one. 

The totally ignored fact is none of this epidemic of diseases would be happening if not for the USA government allowing floods of illegal children in without first being tested or quarantined, Duh.


I’m going out on a limb and admit to a personal belief. I think the executive branch of government has been allowed to operate out of control ever since the days of Richard M Nixon. Nixon was the first president to go hog wild and start enacting all of these so-called federal environmental laws, safety laws, affirmative action laws, and other such executive only laws. 

If the minimum wage law was not destructive enough to a true free market place economy, President Nixon had the gall to even install price controls. But, that was just too extreme and he was soon forced to back off. 

Sure, installing these laws was seen as a good thing, but the flaw in allowing one man the power to wield so much power is sooner or later it may lead to rewarding political friends and punishing political enemies. I think we have now arrived to an imperial presidency and there is not a thing politically we the people can do to put a stop to it. 

The first thing is we the people don’t have the will to stop anything because we as a people are morally and spiritual bankrupt. The second thing is we the people have surrendered our God given family provider role for the most part to a super all powerful welfare state beast. It is a fact whoever is the provider is the boss and you have no choice but to dance to his/her tune. 

The almost 200 years before our liberal induced “New deal” hardly anyone was dependent on the government for anything. Sure, as a last resort I feel the government must come to the aid of the people, but never more than on a temporary basis. Right now in a showdown and it may come to that, the states will lose and end up as just federal districts. 

The states stupidly voluntarily piss away their real power, now no state governor or legislature appoints and controls its two senators. And, in my view technically speaking United State Senators operate more like independent state agents and are scared to death of special interest groups. Yet, all is not lost. 

A genuine true free market place economy is the most powerful thing on earth and will trump even our welfare state beast led by a modern imperial presidency. All the USA need to do to survive is return to a 1937 style economy. The evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law came along and castrated the USA economy. 

Any wage or price control destroys a free market place economy’s ability to discipline itself, which is its power and greatest asset. So, as you can see only a miracle can save the USA. We have an almost total economically ignorant mass news media and general public to bat that don’t know a business can’t exist without making a profit, duh.

Most of the world is poor and will always be poor simply because their governments won’t allow proprietors to keep more of their profit. I think the USA has two choices in terms of survival, either we repeal or eliminate the 1938 minimum wage law entirely, or hope we survive a total economic collapse, which could be sooner than later. 

Folks, I’m a raw crude self-made writer, I know some of my word medicine is bitter to swallow.  I say get over it, our survival is at stake, and you can take that to the bank.

Folks, here it is in a nutshell, our nation somehow either gets rid of the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law or the nation perishes, period. 

All of this other stuff I hear everyday like changing the tax system and countless other tinkering here or tinkering there is like nipping at someone’s heel or pissing on a barn fire expecting to put it out. Duh.

The conservatives and tea party members are advocating balancing the national budget and cutting out tax wasting social programs. Sure, that would have been wise eighty or so years ago but today it is like spitting into the wind. All that will do is make the beast angrier and the advocates will be booted out of office.

Our welfare state beast now is much too powerful to be brought under control by any such feeble fine tuning or manipulation today. There is only one force in existence powerful enough to take down this out of control welfare state beast and save the last bastion of true individual freedom left in the world today. 

That force is a genuine true free market place economy. But, there exist a huge problem here; a genuine true free market place economy cannot exist if any kind of wage or price control is in place. What the USA has today is a phony P…. of an economy with no power to discipline itself or the county. 

No economic discipline is why our culture, morals, and religious structure are shot all to hell. In term of raw survival we have almost no tools left to stay the course. I’m referring to tools like a strong nuclear and extended family system, or enough small farmers and home gardeners for bartering capacity to buy time when this phony economy soon collapses. 

The fact is the 1938 federal minimum wage law must be repealed or eliminated entirely before a genuine true free market place economy can save the USA. And the chance of that ever happening seems to be zero to none. So, unless a miracle happens we will just ride out this big phony p…. of an economy until it collapses and sends us all back to the Stone Age.

I predict right now some western nations are searching for the right language to quietly neutralize any wage or price controls. We are on a merry go-round to doom and anyone with an ounce of economic wisdom knows it.

Cut the 1938 minimum wage chain and sic the all power free market place attack dog on this evil tax grubbing welfare state beast, sic-um, sic-um boy.

Ever since the “New deal” the shallow minded liberals and democrats have had this great country by the balls. And there is only one force on earth powerful enough to break their grip. That force is a genuine true free market economy. Otherwise, our greedy tax grubbing welfare state beast is going to finally figure out a way to a seize our guns. 

And if you don’t think at some point our docile humble welfare state beast won’t go door to door seizing guns you don’t know history. Plus, with today’s technology don’t ever think they can’t find them. 

Our armed populace is the last defense saving the last bastion of true individual freedom left in the world today. And our slobbering tax grubbing welfare state beast with an insatiable apatite feels one way or another the guns must go.


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