Thursday, January 8, 2015


I think it will boil down to star power and name recognition versus big money. And providing there is not a total USA economic collapse in 2015 I think in a photo finish star power squeaks out a victory.

Almost everyone think in a free country the government is the most powerful thing, but, that is not necessarily true. I believe ultimately in a free country the economy trumps all. Sure, in terms of raw police and military power the government is all powerful, but, even military power depends on the condition of a nation’s economy. 

Sure, we are a nation ruled by law, but in the grand scheme of things even the law doesn’t have the power of an unshackled and unrestricted free market place economy. What I’m getting at is in a free country ultimately the economy trumps everything. 

That is why I keep telling people the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law de-nuted our economy. That crippled our economy and rendered it weak and helpless to fight off inflation, which our learned economist still calls growth. 

That allowed the shallow minded liberals and democrat’s to keep superficially expanding our currency enabling them to add social programs and government dependents to no end. 

All the while uncle sugar was playing the great super provider daddy role our bread and butter nuclear and extended family units were being destroyed. Uncle sugar was taking away the survival need for a nuclear and extended family unit. 

Everything that exists in nature there must be a survival need for it to exist, otherwise it starts ceasing to exist. By uncle sugar taking over as the nuclear family provider, what the hell do you need a nuclear family for, there is no longer a survival need for that, uncle sugar has now taken over that role as the great super provider. 

Again, unless our 1938 socialist minimum wage law is eliminated entirely we are a doomed nation in my view, God; I pray that I’m wrong on this.


For a long time I have believed that an economic collapse would eventually doom western civilization. But, with the ever increasing terrorism around the world I’m not so sure any more. And I will tell you why. 

I believe the USA and Western Europe is in denial and unwilling to admit that it is in an all out religious and ideology war. Which, I believe the USA and Western Europe is going to lose unless their minimum wage laws are eliminated entirely. 

Western civilization is going to lose this war because of the come about of their socialist welfare state type governments. The come about of the welfare state has made it almost impossible to produce enough men/women of sound judgment and wisdom to protect and safeguard these great nations.  

You see, teaching proper norms and traditions to the very young is the only guarantee for maintaining a long term stable and orderly society. We have failed that must do duty, due to our socialist welfare states we have all be destroyed the nuclear and extended family unit which always faithfully carried out this task since the dawn of history. 

Uncle Sugar never made sure the very young was raised properly with the love and discipline to be a productive law abiding citizen, that is a must duty of a good provider. A good leader should know that human nature is based on self-interest, logic, and taking the course of least resistance. 

That being the case it present the USA and Western Europe with a dilemma that is almost impossible to solve dealing with spending cuts. I’m here to tell you any political party that tries to put a welfare state on a diet is going to run the risk of being chewed up and spit out of power. 

In fact the USA and Western Europe I’m afraid has created monster socialist welfare state beast’s that’s going to set modern civilization back to the Stone Age. Another thing western civilization doesn’t seem to grasp is the power of repetition in controlling the minds of people. 

An example, some religions has mandatory prayers or chants, mandatory repetition locks in a system and it won’t change for ten thousand years. That is what western civilization ideology-wise is up against, and unless the USA and Western Europe can find a way to eliminate their minimum wage laws there is not a snowball chance in hell of winning this battle. 

The first hurdle is 98 percent of the general public think having a minimum wage law is a good thing. But, anyone with an ounce of economic wisdom will know that the power of a free market place economy is in its discipline, and any wage or price control prevents it from disciplining itself. 

Today’s USA economy is like a fast runaway train on a suicide mission to hell barreling its way down the tracks with no way to stop or slow it down. This great writer with almost supernatural wisdom is jumping up and down screaming and hollering that the minimum wage engine governor must have malfunction causing the train to speed up and burn out the brakes. 

For God sake smash and get rid of the minimum wage engine governor and the trains accelerator will automatic drop back to zero. And in the future stay away from any minimum wage engine governors

Plus, in the USA almost 50 percent of the people will vote for Santa Claus if he promise to keep the checks coming. They feel what the hell does government paying its bills has to do with voting, take the national debt to 50 trillion, what the hell do I care, duh.

I will say this, in terms of raw human survival there is nothing on earth more powerful than an unshackled and unrestricted free market place economy. Take the minimum wage law shackle chains off and then a genuine true free market place economy will win this ideology and religious war. And save western civilization in the process. Nothing else on earth can do it.

Western civilization is suffering from culture rot and moral decay and has become soft and gullible from years of its socialist welfare state forms of government. 

I’m telling you, if any government expects to avoid an economic collapse or being over-run by terrorism it better become lean and mean, and soon. And the only way that can be accomplished is to eliminate any minimum wage law entirely, period. 

That will create a lean and mean kick ass unshackled and unrestricted economy. Otherwise, political speaking nothing is going to change and we will just keep wondering how long this can last.


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