Thursday, February 6, 2014


Awhile back I wrote an article that I was 99.9 percent sure that man landed on the moon but I still can’t get past that .1 percent. It’s not that I am dumb or stupid; I understand electronics and modern science. 

Right out of high school back in 1962 I took a six month course in radio and TV repair. Back then we studied mainly the super heterodyne receiver and vacuum tubes. The transistor was just coming into play the same as the cathode ray vacuum tube which was the early TV. 

We also learned about waves and frequencies. So, on my part it just doesn’t make any sense for me to doubt that they landed on the moon. When I wrote the first article on this subject a guy asked me in a comment did I have any proof that they didn’t land on the moon, and I said “No.” 

In replying I told him it was just a gut feeling, and that is still what haunts me on how I feel about the whole matter. There is something about this whole thing that logical just doesn’t add up in my way of thinking. I feel something is wrong somewhere. 

Even if they did land, maybe they found something up there (UFO) that they are not telling. I have a fair understanding of human nature, and there have never been a case where man opened up a new frontier and didn’t exploit it in some way. 

Like I said, maybe there is a big hidden mystery that maybe it's better the public never knows about. I don’t have any inside information, just a raw gut feeling. This article may be the smoking gun or the last straw that I really am a nut, kook, or loon, who cares, some already believe that anyway. 

However, I am not entirely alone doubting that man landed on the moon, 10 percent of the USA population is Doubting Thomas’s on this. God bless America. 

PS: I see where they use the terrain in the state of Utah to train for the moon landing. You don’t suppose they use that same terrain to make moon landing movies do you?  (Just kidding y’all).


Anyone that can stomach reading my work knows that I have a super mind agree or not. So, I have decided to draw a picture and explain what happened to the great USA. I think it boils down to two word “Sound judgment.” 

Starting with me, probably three percent or less of the USA population agree or truly understand my way of thinking. The vast majority think my writing is some kind of nineteenth century throwback. And they are mostly right, a hundred years ago about ninety five percent of the USA population would have agreed with my way of thinking. 

Back then same sex marriage and mass killing in the womb would have been beyond everyone’s imagination. Now, ninety five percent or more of the USA population see that as normal. The USA is about evenly split down the middle in terms of voting. 

The masses of government dependents see the republicans as the enemy and believe they would like to take away their livelihood. The other half believes the democrats are going to tax and spend the USA out of existence. But, I believe like one politician said: “There is not a dime worth of difference between the two parties.” 

Sure, there are minor differences in terms of appointing judges but neither party is going to serious stop the growth of government. Overall the Dems and liberals are the reason the USA is in the dire situation it is today. In my view Dems and liberals are just plain shallow, but, super aggressive and will not let morality, country, or anything stand in the way of them grabbing and taking power. 

On the other hand the Republican Party has become almost as liberal as the democrat party. I feel the conservatives ought to just flat out take it over. Even conservatives don’t agree with my out dated thinking, still I think they are the only ones that can save the USA from total doom. 

The thing is they don’t know how. Well, it may already be too late but I am going to tell them how to save the USA. However, I’m sure they won’t agree and won’t take my advice; still I’m going to pass it on anyway. Remember, I said the Key words were “Sound judgment.” The Dems and liberals own the thinking and shaping of young minds in the USA. 

For over 6,000 years up until the “New deal” the nuclear and extended family system was the primary shaper of young minds, but, not anymore. To a great extent in most situations now the primary shaper of young minds is liberal TV and the liberal school systems. Very few homes are instilling traditional conservative’s norms and values. 

Almost everything the young comes in contact with now-a-days is liberal. So, of course the young when they mature will not have a conservative foundation to return to like children of old. “Sound judgment” which is everything to keep and maintain a civil society will soon be nowhere to be found.   

So, my advice to conservatives is follow my advice cold turkey and go for the jugular. No if ands or buts, fight to abolish the minimum wage law now, not tomorrow. With no minimum wage law the government will lose it power to control private property. 

With no minimum wage law government would have to give up its provider role which has all but destroyed our nuclear and extended family system. With no minimum wage law manufacturing would return to the USA and everything would be made in America with jobs for all. 

With no minimum wage law the economy would balance itself and the poor could pay their own food and medical bills. With no minimum wage law people would make far less money but $5.00 would buy A week's worth of grocery. And I could go on and on what has been proven to work for over 6,000 years before the "New deal." 

Plus here are the cold steel facts, if the minimum wage law is not abolished, the USA is not going to survive and that is a guarantee. Before the “New deal” the male nuclear family provider hands on instilled and enforced norms and traditional conservatives values thereby safe guarding our human survival. 

Now, unless the government is kicked out of the provider role the USA has the chance of a snowball in hell of surviving. Abolishing the minimum wage will get the ball rolling on saving my beloved homeland. 

I believe in a few months when Obamacare fully kicks in it is going to explode the dole and cause the USA economy to crash and burn. I also believe abolishing the minimum wage law is the only way to stop the USA economy from crashing and burning. 

Will congress abolish the minimum wage law? NO! Will the USA and western civilization survive? NO! Reason, the boom and bust cycle is a part of nature the same as the life and death cycle. 

Abolishing the minimum wage law would have save us by allowing the bust cycle to complete it normal rotation, but no, the learned economist and egg heads think they can juggle the figures forever, wrong. 

Call me a fool or nut as you wish, but without a doubt I know I am right on this. Sure, no one agrees with me on any of this but they will, the hardship and suffering just hasn’t taken it toll yet. 

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  1. Today 13 May 2021, I Freddie L. Sirmans Sr. decided to read this old article of mine again, and I must say I still agree with my predictions. God bless my beloved USA.